Fun Plans for October with Yourids

Fun Plans for October with Your Kids

Now that the kids are back to school I am sure that like me you are also starting to prepare for the moments when it’s not going to be as warm outside. 

It may not feel like two minutes since the summer holidays, but October half term is almost upon us. As the weather turns wetter and colder, it’s tempting to keep the kids occupied with technology indoors. However, if you want to truly make the most of the holidays together, getting outdoors and having fun as a family is the best way to do it.

Here, we’ll look at some of the best fun plans you can make for October with your kids to give you a little inspiration. 

Go on an autumn nature hunt

As the leaves change colour and different creatures start to emerge, what better way to enjoy the autumn season than by going on a nature hunt? This is a great activity for all ages and it’s a great way to educate your kids in a fun, engaging way. 

You could teach them about the changing leaves or the different autumn bugs you come across. As you progress through the hunt, you’re all getting a good level of exercise too so you’re combining fun, education and exercise. 

Scooter fun

Fun Plans for October with Your Kids

It can be difficult encouraging the kids to get outdoors when it’s colder. However, you’ll have little trouble if you invest in a children’s scooter.

Scooters have become a really popular toy for kids of all ages. They’re fun and help to keep them fit and active. Even if they just take the scooter along the street or in the back garden, they’re still getting some much-needed fresh air.

Collect autumn fruits then turn them into a crumble

If you’re running out of ideas for something new to do, why not head out to collect autumn fruits? You’ll just need empty jars or tubs to keep the fruit in until you get home. Then, you can turn the fruit you’ve collected into a crumble or a pie. 

Fun Plans for October with Your Kids

Blackberries and apples are particularly great fruits to collect in autumn. However, you’ll probably have more luck finding blackberries than apples in the UK. That is of course, unless you head to a farmer’s market. This idea gives you two activities in one. Firstly, you’re getting out into the fresh air with your kids to collect the fruit. Then, you’re baking together when you get back – something kids absolutely love to do!

There are so many fun activities you and the kids can do in autumn and the above are just some of the best. Why not try them out during the half term? If you do decide to buy a scooter for the kids, why not buy one for yourself too? You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have on an adult scooter. 

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