Me Time: 7 Ideas for Mums

Me Time: 7 Ideas for Mums

Being a mum is incredibly rewarding, with so many precious first moments and treasured memories. There’s also no doubt it’s incredibly tiring, from teething and sleepless nights, to school runs and homework. 

According to research, on average, children say mum 9,563 times per year. We also spend 7 full days doing the food shop, make more than 800 meals and 500 beds. Although there’s a lot of perks, like enjoying over 1,500 cuddles, it can be stressful, too.

To help you rejuvenate, here are some essential me-time ideas for hectic mums.

  • Enjoy a nap

As a parent, you know that feeling of being sleep deprived. If you need to justify a nap, calculate how much sleep you’ve lost  since becoming a parent – you’ll agree, you definitely deserve it.

  • Read a book/watch a film

Whether you prefer to read or enjoy something on the big screen, a good book or a film is the perfect way to unwind and escape for an hour or two.

  • Catch up with friends

Keeping up a social life can be tough, so arrange some me time with friends. Even if you only have an hour, invite them over, meet for coffee, or simply enjoy a walk. 

  • Soak in the tub

A long bath can be so relaxing, but finding the time to take a bath, alone, can seem next to impossible. So, when you get some spare time, bring out the bubbles and enjoy a soak.

  • Book some tickets

Sometimes, having something to look forward to can really help, especially when you’re feeling tired. Every once in a while, plan an exciting afternoon and book tickets for the theatre, like Witness for the Prosecution in London, or even just for the latest chick flick.

  • Indulge in a hobby

Before you became a parent, you may have had a few hobbies, but now you struggle to find the time for them. Enjoy some me time by picking up old hobbies, like baking, going to a class, or drawing.

  • Pamper yourself

If you feel like you really need a treat – and why not? – arrange a pampering session. Stay at home with a deep conditioning hair mask and paint your nails, or book an appointment at a salon.

No matter if you have 20 minutes, an afternoon, or an entire day, try some of these me time ideas. After all, mums need some self-care and alone time, too.

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  • teodora

    Ohhh Otilia!
    Thank you for reminding me on how to have a break.
    Unfortunately, even if I’m aware of all these, I still find “me time” extremely hard, to follow those tips.
    Big hugs and kisses!

    • Otilia

      I bet. Well..I get my “me time” when the girls are in school normally or when hubby is at home. Your LO’s are in nursery in the mornings isn’t it? Maybe you can find some time then.

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