How to Transform Your Converted Attic into Your Ideal Bedroom

Have you been updating your attic lately? Are you still trying to decide what to do with the new-look space? 

Whether you’ve always had your heart set on transforming your attic conversion into a bedroom or you’re trying to add value, there are plenty of ways to switch the roof space into a beautiful bedroom. 

Here are some inspired home décor ideas to help you transform your attic into a room you’ll love. 

Clever Storage 

Whether you have a compact attic space or a room in which you can spread out, it’s worth spending time creating clever storage solutions. Adding DIY fitted wardrobes and units can help you to maximise and enhance the available space, especially if you paint these in light colours to reflect the light. 

Also, strategically placing floating shelves around the walls helps you to display books, photos and plants give you without having to worry about a bookcase taking up precious floorspace. 

Lighten Up

As it’s at the top of the house, the attic has access to plenty of natural light. To maximise the light streaming into your new bedroom, place a skylight, like one of these from Direct Blinds in the centre to brighten up the room. 

To further enhance this, add mirrors around the space and keep walls white or light neutral colours. This allows the light to reflect off the surfaces and keep the room bright. 

Be Bold

If you opt for light, neutral colours on your walls, you can be creative with the rest of your colour scheme. You could add in some wood details and charcoal-coloured rugs to give it a Scandi feel or go all-out with bright red curtains, yellow bedding and blue cushions. Treat the space as a blank canvas and let your imagination run wild.

Get Personal

Will this be your bedroom? Or are you thinking of turning this into your guest room? If you want the attic to be your new bedroom, why not personalise it to reflect your personality. If you love chintz, add flowers everywhere or perhaps you’ve always wanted a room that looks like a holiday. If so, go totally tropical with yellow prints and palm tree patterns. 

Maybe you want to add a luxe feel? If so, get shopping for a gilded chandelier and invest in a four-poster bed. This is your space tucked away in the roof, so make it into the space you’ve always wanted rather than following the trends. 

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