Life as a married single parent

Cherish every minute

All parents know that we should cherish every minute we spend with our kids but we all forget or just get wrapped up in what happens in this busy life.

I know it all so well. As a single married mum of two beautiful girls I find myself just crashing and not truly enjoying my time with the girls.

They are both in primary school so they only spend the mornings away from them – this is how it is in Romania. I don’t know how it would be if they had to spend their whole day in school like it happens in UK.

But I do get distracted though….unfortunately. The afternoon sees us running around to ballet or piano lessons or just doing homework. And of course when homework is involved I can’t just spilt myself in two so usually one of them gets more of my attention…

I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation though.

At the end of the day when I crash on the couch in front of some Hallmark movie , I know…hubby thinks they are kind of lame, but it is what relaxes me and keeps me going.

So when that happens I just wish I had more time to play and hug my little daughters. Yes they are still little although they’ve grown so much.

I do hug them and kiss them goodnight but that time of the day just comes way too fast…

What can we do as parents to not get wrapped up in the busy life moments and just enjoy the time we spend with our kids?

How can we make sure our children will have good memories and will remember the time they spend with us?

Both my parents worked a lot when I was a child so I got to spend most of my time alone or with my grandparents. Although the the important holidays were spent together and I have good memories since than I just wish they were there for me more – to be there to send me off to school and to wait for me when I came back from school. Most of the time I was on my own or with my sister.

I don’t regret it but this is one of the reasons I chose to work from home so that I can be there for my girls.

And still…I still think there is not enough time.

I feel that they are growing too fast.

I feel that I would like the time to go slower.

I feel like they are slipping through my fingers.

I feel like I want to turn back the time when they were babies and just hold them forever in my arms and never let them go.

I feel silly because that when they were babies I wanted to clean the house and tidy up when I should’ve just spend time with them.

Oh dear…I am sorry I became quite sentimental. But if your children are babies try and not do like I did, ok?

So cherish, cherish every minute you get to spend with your children.

Be there for them when they need it for a hug , a chat or advice.

Be there for them when they are happy, sad or crying.

This is what they will remember.

Not that toy you bought them or that trip you took them on.

Laugh together.

Cry together.

Be happy together.

Be sad together.

Cherish every single moment and second.

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