Top Tips to Create a Teenage Bedroom Paradise

Unfortunately, your child won’t want to sleep in a bedroom decorated in animal wallpaper and fluffy toys forever. A time will come when they will sit you down and tell you that they want a more grown-up styled bedroom.

Here are 5 tips on how you can adapt your child’s bedroom into a space your teens will love hanging out in:

  • Get a Grown-Up Bed

It might be time to give up your child’s bunk bed and invest in something a little more grown-up and bigger, that cannot be outgrown. Bunk beds don’t exactly scream ‘mature’ out loud.

Upgrading a single bed to a double bed and double mattress will also mean that your child has more space to grow and more space to starfish. Let’s be honest, teenagers will spend as long as they possibly can lounging in their bed, so it’s important that they’re comfortable!

  • Allow Personal Memories

Teenage bedrooms are normally filled with fun and memories, such as photos of friends and family dotted around their walls. It would be great to let your teenager add their own stamp like this. However, to save you redecorating the walls in the future, ensure that they use Blu Tack rather than glue, tape or even staples! 

  • Desk Space

The worst thing about teenage life is the amount of studying and coursework that they will have to do. A vital addition to a teenage bedroom is a desk, to give them chance to revise in the quiet rather than sitting in a loud environment. 

  • Invest in Storage

Teenagers come with plenty of baggage, quite literally. Their bedroom should be filled with storage options for their clothes, school books, shoes and whatever clutter they acquire on their journey. 

Some great storage options include getting an ottoman bed, adding shelves as this won’t take up valuable floor space in a smaller bedroom, and investing in storage baskets that can slide inside the wardrobe.

  • Keep it Simple

Teenagers can be fickle and will probably want to change their mind about wallpaper and paint a few times before they reach their 18th birthday. The trick to get around this is to opt for a simple colour or design at the beginning of the renovation.

This will save a fortune in the future as you won’t need to redecorate to suit their preferences.

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