5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania

5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania

Today’s blog post is written by Oana -an ambitious and young lady that loves to travel and write about it on her blog TravelHolyc . Below is her own introduction:

In my teenage years, all I wished for was to travel the world and write about my experiences. I had no idea how I was going to combine these two activities, but I felt that they could easily support each other. Now I am 24 and after graduating Communication and PR, after having different jobs, I started a Master in Tourism and managed to somehow live this dream, visiting 12 countries in the last years.

I am passionate about new destinations and the flavour of the cultures I meet, but I’m also in love with Romania’s natural beauty; since I’m a very curious person, I have created the blog TravelHolyc as a place to share my stories from the road and inspire my readers.

The name represents a (healthy) addiction to travelling. I am also a photographer (part-time amateur), so I love to „capture” natural landscapes, waves, famous buildings and architectural details, but especially, the stories of the people I meet.


Yes, we know that Easter is about spending time with family, it’s about inner peace and the Holy Lights sharedboth with our close ones and strangers. It’s about reminding ourselves the things that truly matter, and the magic around these holy days is perfect for going home, resting, making time for our loved ones and ourselves and bumping eggswhile waiting for Easter Bunny. But if you want to do something different this year, to be in contact with traditions from an orthodoxland, full of history and interesting customs, here are some wonderful places where you can travel to in Romania to enjoy your Easter Holiday.

Delta Dunării

This unique preserved land – the youngest from Europe – holds over 300 species of birds in its rich flora. A piece of Heaven, its charm is perfect during this spring months, April-May, due to the fact that the entire nature comes back to life. Also, it isn’t hot enough for the waters to drop considerably, so you can take advantage of the trips made on the arms of the Danube(especially the place where the river meets the Black Sea). Even if most of your meals will be based on fish products, for those wanting to feel lighterafter the Easter days, this will be perfect! 

5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania

Constanța and Mamaia

Moving on to another city from the same region, Dobrogea, Constanța is an amazing place for Easter days due to its opening to the Black Sea. Here, the Easter Vigil is celebrated nowhere else than on the beach, where hundreds of people gather and share the Holy Light among them, lighting up their candles and then taking them home. Near to the waves, this night has a deeper spiritual significance. Plus,Constanta during springtime is less crowded and the temperatures are not as high as in the summertime. You can enjoy most of its attractions, especially because, for those searching for fun, most clubs and restaurants open after 1st May.

5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania


This is another region full of wonderful traditions, found in the North-East of Romania. One of the most recommendable things you can do here is to visit the so popular monasteries: Voroneț, Putna, Humor, Sucevița, Moldovița. This region has kept untouched all the Christian customsand Easter is perceived as an opportunity to come closer to God; you can even see women wearing the traditional costumeand also don’t forget that it’s the place where people started painting and decorating Easter eggs. You can always take part in one of the festivalsdedicated to this craft, as it is the one from Ciocănești. Smaller and more isolated monasteries, for example Doroteia, are a better idea if you’re looking for more peace and quiet. For a complete experience, book your accommodation at one of these monasteries (in exchange for a donation) – but remember to previously talk to the monks. 

5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania


If Bucovina was about the monasteries, this northern region of Romania, Maramureș, is about the villages, where religious customs have remained intact for hundreds of years. Women start to make preparations in their homes a long time before the Easter days, especially for the invited who are yet to come. The locals not only wait for their family members, but also for tourists coming from different parts of the world, who will be fascinated by the beauty of the traditions. Don’t forget that Maramureș is also knows for Mocănița, the steam train that will carry you along the wonderful sceneries and pitoresque areas, on a distance of 22 kilometres.

Poiana Mărului

Let’s stop for a bit in the mountain area, especially for nature lovers! Also knows as the Little Switzerland of Romania, one of the natural jewelries ofBanat, Poiana Mărului is found at an altitude of 500 meters. The air full of ozonemakes the place perfect forhealth tourism, as it can even prevent some diseases. The natural surroundings and the fresh air are not the only advantages of this place, since you can also count on discovering the area through the mountain trails. For adrenaline junkies, theRiver Bistra Mărului offers the possibility of practicing water sports, like rafting, while the Lake Poiana Mărului is perfect for swimming, fishing or boat sailing.

5 places where you can spend the Easter Holidays 2019 in Romania

Now that you have a few options placed in front of you, all you have to do is choose exactlywhere you’ll be spending the Easter Vigil and the rest of your holidays; from seaside, mountainside, to popular customs, Romania offers so many ideas! Just remember to make your reservations on time, so you make the best of these days and spend Easter the right way: happy and relaxed! 

Author: Oana-Andreea Răcaru, blogger TravelHolyc

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