What Makes a Good Website Design?

Nowadays, owning a website for your business has become customary. However, your website must have the best design for it to give you an edge in the marketplace. Keep in mind that there are currently more than 1 billion websites that are up and running. In fact, the number is expected to rise in the near future as more and more enterprises join the bandwagon. When choosing a design for your website, you should consider the interests of the visitors because they are the ones who will use the portal the most. As a matter of fact, your website is one of the things that people see the most, meaning it should reflect on the integrity of your brand. The problem is that most entrepreneurs don’t seem to realize this. They rush into creating websites that ruin their traffic and obviously their conversions. Here is a list of the things that a good website design should have.

1. Device Compatibility

The worst mistake that you can make when designing a website for a business is to create a portal that can only be accessed using computers or laptops. Although computers and laptops have not yet been phased out, majority of internet users are addicted to their smartphones. This means that it’s only a small percentage of internet users that browse using PCs. You should therefore make sure that your platform can be supported by various devices (mobile optimization) to ensure that you capitalize on mobile traffic. In fact, most people will only use a computer when they are at work. The majority prefer using their phones because they give them the freedom of browsing from any location and at any time of the day.

2. User Friendly

In this day and age, people are always on the run as they try to make ends meet. They therefore want to visit websites that are easy to navigate. If your website comes with a complicated design, you will definitely lose traffic. This is because internet users want to find the services or products that they need much faster than they did a decade ago. You should ensure that the text in various pages is easy to read. You can actually emphasize on this by avoiding dark colors and using just a few of them to avoid confusing visitors.

3. Relevant Content

Content is always the king. And you can say that again without fear of contradiction. Although there are millions of websites in the cyber space, it’s only those that offer the most relevant content that are regarded to have the best design. Even the search engines use this criterion when ranking websites. You should therefore take time to write content that has accurate facts and is flows consistently. In fact, internet users rate a website based on the quality of content that’s published on the platform. You should therefore avoid using filler content.

4. High Loading Speed

Research shows that websites that load faster have low bounce rate. This is because visitors are able to find what they are looking for at the blink of an eye. On the other hand, a website that takes ages to load is an embarrassment to both the owner and the visitors. This is because it degrades the reputation of your brand and wastes visitors’ time. The loading speed is actually determined by the graphics that used on the platform. If you want to improve your website’s loading speed, you should hire the most experienced graphics design services company on the planet to fix the problem.

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