How to Design a Room the Kids Will Love While Keeping Things Timeless

Kids go through so many fads and phases. From wanting to transform their room into a superheroes’ den to demanding something that’s more ‘grown-up’, it’s hard to keep up with their changing taste – not to mention expensive. 

However, with a few simple tricks, you can create a room they’ll love but one that will adapt to these ever-changing preferences.

Here’s how: 

Choose a Neutral Colour Scheme 

In order to make sure you’re not decorating all of the time, opt for a paint colour that’ll evolve with different interior schemes. Whites and other neutral colours are great here, as are light greys, blues or yellows. 

Ultimately, you want to choose something that suits them (e.g. light grey adds a boyish quality) but that won’t scream ‘baby’ in a few years’ time. 

How to Design a Room the Kids Will Love While Keeping Things Timeless

Add Timeless Furniture 

Next, you’ll need to choose high-quality, timeless furniture that’ll stand the test of time. So, instead of opting for something that only kids will love, e.g. a bed in the shape of a train, choose something that they won’t tire of but that you can decorate to make it fun. 

The best thing about furniture is you can add touches to bring it in line with their tastes without having to change it all the time. 

For example, a classic bed can be brought to life with fun duvet covers, while a plain wardrobe can be given a princess-inspired makeover with some strategically placed bunting. 

Go All Out with Those Accessories 

As we’ve just seen, you can appeal to their interests with the accessories you use in the room, and this is definitely the case when it comes to adding toys, books and other accessories that you know they’ll love. 

Let them have an input in the accessories they want on display (perhaps letting them style their own bookcase, for example – with a little help from you, of course). This will make them feel as though they’ve had an input in the overall look of the room.

Introduce Storage

To avoid clutter, storage will be your ultimate friend. From boxes full of their toys to shelves where they can put their everyday favourites, storage is a great way to keep the room feeling crisp and clean. Again, keep these storage solutions as classic as possible. 

How to Design a Room the Kids Will Love While Keeping Things Timeless

Limit Patterns 

Another way to reduce the amount of chaos in your child’s bedroom is to keep the mix of patterns to a minimum. Two or three will do, i.e. one pattern on the bed, one in a painting on the wall and one in the rug on the floor. 

Overall, then, this is all about finding furniture, fixtures and fittings that will evolve with the times while adding splashes of personality and fun to the room that you know your child will love. 

How to Design a Room the Kids Will Love While Keeping Things Timeless

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