Choosing a tree that is suitable for an urban garden

If you have a garden that is big enough, it really is worth considering planting a tree or two. Doing so will enhance your garden as well as help the planet. But, you need to make sure that you buy the right kind.

You wouldn’t want to for example plant a weeping willow in a small garden. A tree-like that has a huge root system that seeks out water. So, if you plant it within 50 foot of a drain or water main the chances are the roots will invade and break the pipe. An issue like that would cost thousands to sort out.

To help you to avoid making a mistake like that I have put together a list of things you need to consider when choosing a tree for your garden. Fortunately, there are plenty of smaller trees that are perfect for use in a relatively small space.

Weeping Willow

Height and spread

As well as thinking about where the roots may end up you need to think about how tall the tree will grow and how far its branches will spread. Over time, even a small ornamental tree can reach 25ft. 

If you do not have the space for a tree that high, you may be better off planting a shrub, instead. Or choose a tree that can be pruned to keep it low enough for your garden. 

How easy it is to look after

Once established, most trees take very little looking after. But, you still need to think about maintenance. If you don’t like raking up leaves, choose an evergreen variety. 

Bear in mind that some trees will need to be sprayed regularly to prevent them from becoming diseased. Some also need to be climbed and cut back every once in a while. This is the sort of task that you will need to hire someone to do, which can cost quite a bit of money.

The way it will look

You also need to think about how the tree will look in the space you have chosen for it. If it is too big, it could easily overwhelm your garden. Think about how it will look in the winter as well as during the warmer months. A huge tree with bare branches can make things feel a bit bleak. If you think this is going to bother you, choose an evergreen, instead.

The impact it will have on your neighbours

Make sure that you do not plant a tree that will cause you or your neighbour’s issues. You do not want to block their light or put too much of their garden into the shade.

How to choose a tree that will add value to your property

The last thing you need to think about is how the tree you choose will affect the value of your property. It can have a significant impact either way, so this is an important consideration. You can read more about how to make the right decision by reading this article.

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