Hen Party Ideas: Brighton

Getting married is something which is filled with excitement. You have to buy your beautiful dress, you need to start looking for wedding rings, you can start testing food for the big day… and, you need to organise your hen party!

Everyone wants to mark they’re last days of ‘freedom’ with a bang, and thus the hen party is something which tends to get a lot of attention. 

If you are looking for something innovative and exciting then you should consider booking one of the cottages for large groups found in Brighton for a weekend with friends. This is something which will undoubtedly go down a treat and is recommended for several reasons. 

One of the main troubles a lot of people find when they are booking a hen party is that several of their friends are unable to attend. This is either because the occasion that has been planned is too elaborate and lengthy in time – such as a week’s holiday – and therefore individuals cannot get the time off work. In addition to this, others cannot attend because the plans are too expensive, after all a lot of individuals like to have their hen parties abroad.

Booking a holiday cottage in Brighton for the weekend combats all of these issues. You are only having a weekend away and thus work should not be a problem. The cottages in Brighton are extremely cheap and the more people that go the more the price will reduce per head. 

Brighton is well known for being a place which is full of jovial atmosphere, electric character and friendly people. There is no better place in the country to spend a hen weekend. There are lots to do and see in the area, and you can get the party started in your cottage with a couple of drinking games. Get the music on loud, pour yourself some drinks, and let the fun begin. You won’t have the trouble of worrying about disturbing those next door as you would in a hotel.  

So, where can you go when in Brighton? There are some fantastic places for fun and outrageous nights out. If you want to see some sexy strippers before you commit yourself to the same man for the rest of your life then head to the Full Monty Extravaganza. You will also get to see a drag queen there as well. In addition to this, there is an array of nightclubs available, suited to all different tastes of music. You can even check out potential wedding bands, so you can choose the best wedding bands for your special day. And don’t forget Comedy Night, this is a great place to start your evening before you continue on to a club. 

If you haven’t got a pounding headache the next day then you should consider a day of pampering. You and your friends can head to one of the many spas for a day of relaxation and massages. Finish off your day with lunch in one of the many scrumptious restaurants and cafes located by the sea.  

If you are looking for hen party ideas then you should definitely consider booking one of the cottages for large groups which can be found in Brighton. You and your close friends will have a blast! 

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