Life as a family of four

We are finally a family of four – living together under the same roof here in Romania.

Daddy is now a work at home daddy. And everyone is really happy about it!

Mummy is continuing to work from home. And now the girls are on their summer holidays.

The house is a tiny bit crowded and we are still getting used to it but we are finally whole and it is finally wonderful.

The girls broke for holiday on 15th of June and they will get back on 9th of September. Summers are really hot here and we have 40C in the afternoon sometimes so this is why kids have such a long summer break.

We have another two months of being always together. You see summer holidays in Romania are almost 3 months long!

That’s wonderful for the kids in general but when we are all at home and some need to work…than not so much!

Because we are so busy though we tried to fill our girls time with activities and things to do which they also love.

Besides the normal english and piano lessons that they are both taking through the year we also subscribed them for swimming lessons. We are quite lucky to also have an outdoor swimming pool in our city and summers can be quite enjoyable.

So three times a week we are taking them to swimming lessons in the morning now and we also have the opportunity to stay there and continue the fun for no extra charge which is quite wonderful.

Between the swimming lessons, piano and english they can read books, play together and of course the afternoons are spent out in the local park – if the weather is not too hot that is – so they are quite busy at the end of the day.

And believe it or not they still have time to say that they are bored!!!

I mean seriously! At the weekend there is not a lot of time to rest because….Guess what? They want to go to the beach with their friends! At least we are lucky the sea side is nit very far…depending or where exactly it takes us half an hour to an hour to get there.

My hometown is not huge but it’s offering quite a bit of things for kids to do. Not like London or Bucharest but at least we are all together.

I also do think that for kids is best to live in a smaller city rather than in a huge one. My parents are here and we have quite a lot of friends and people to rely on and this gives us a sense of fulfilment and security.

We have lots of plans going forward and of course your will hear more about it from me here on the blog. But for now you only need to know that we are happy(sometimes) and we are trying to save and be as thirty as possible with the money.

PS: Don’t forget to come back to our blog if you want to follow our bilingual journey and why not pop over to Instagram for more pictures!

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  • Tinuke

    Three months of summer holiday! That’s exciting!! Are there special holiday clubs for parents who don’t work from home? I struggle to find child care and entertainment to cover the six week break in the UK. I bet the kids love having such a long break though!?

    • Otilia

      There is one in my hometown but that’s it for school age kids. For nursery there’s a program that switches from nursery to nursery every couple of weeks.
      In the capital we do have more clubs but they are more expensive.
      The rest rely on school camps for a part of the time and grandparents.
      But yes the kids love it!

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