When A New Home Gives You More Than You Bargained For

So there really is only two scenarios that you can face when moving into a new home. You either know exactly what needs doing to it, and you know everything that you possibly can about the home.

Or, you know that there’s no problems at all, you’re walking into a home that pretty much just needs you to fill it. Now with either one of these scenarios, there’s always the predicament that your new home is going to throw something at you that’s totally unexpected.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a new home, it can be any home that you’ve owned for any length of time that gives you more than you bargained for, but there’s nothing worse than it happening when you’re already splashing the cash so much!

So we’re going to try and reduce that cost for you, by making you nice and prepared right from the beginning. Here are some of the ways that a new home can give you more than you bargained for, and how you can avoid it happening.

There’s Already Residents

Don’t worry, we don’t think that you’ll open your doors and suddenly be greeted with some people living in your home, that definitely shouldn’t happen. But what could happen, is something behind the walls could soon show its face, and it could cause absolute havoc to your new home.

There are so many types of animals that could make a home out of your home, right from the moment it was constructed. So look out for little signs, such as changes in colour or shape of the walls, sounds that a home shouldn’t make, just anything out of the ordinary.

Knowing what pest control company to contact is the first precaution that you can take, and acting on it quickly to ensure that they don’t cause structural damage to your home.

What Else Is Hidden Behind The Walls?

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest more creepy crawlies. But a common problem that people face in their homes, is not knowing what the wiring and plumbing is like behind the walls.

It isn’t exactly something you ask, because it just isn’t something people know the answer to. But you can pay electrical companies to come in and do a full survey of the home, just to scope the place out.

Similar to the bug issue, as long as it’s something that you catch early, the cost of the repairs is going to be far less.

Mortgage Increases

Another sting that you definitely don’t want to find yourself facing, but again a common problem that people seem to be having. So you can either have fixed mortgage rates, or not fixed.

Fixed meaning you’re tied into the price, even if the rates go down. But having it not fixed is such a big risk, because they often go up just as much as they come down, and getting stung with a higher mortgage rate really isn’t what you want to be dealing with!

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