Sure Fire Ways To Plan The Perfect Family Road Trip

A road trip a la Thelma and Louise is the stuff of dreams for the youth of today. The thought of hot footing it on an adventure with your best pal, being spontaneous and throwing caution to the wind can make for the most exciting vacation.

However, you shouldn’t neglect the idea of a road trip when you have waved goodbye to your youthful good looks and you’ve said hello to a young brood and spouse. The thought of a family road trip could fill you with dread.

The idea of having two or more offspring in the back seat whining, ‘Are we there yet?’ over and over again is far from the relaxing holiday that you had in mind.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With some research, thought and lots of planning you can create the perfect road trip for your family.

You need to consider the needs and wants of every family member. This is key. Once you have activities and sights planned for everyone, no one has the chance to become displeased with your plan. Take a look at these sure fire ways to plan the perfect family road trip.


It’s crucial that you have at least a skeleton itinerary for your road trip. You can’t simply pack up and go expecting hotels and camping facilities to be available along the way. At the very least, you need to book every night’s accommodation for when you are away.

Even if you have a problematic day, it’s vital that you have a comfy bed to rest your weary bones in, come night time. You want your little darlings to be safe and secure throughout your trip so plan an itinerary that is reputable.

Don’t choose some random excursions simply because the tour operator appears to be cheap. Instead, go online and research any potential trip you are taking. If there is no online presence then give the company a wide berth.

Consider empowering your offspring to plan some days of the trip if they are old enough. Give them a budget and let them plan twenty four hours each. This way, you know that they will cater for their own wants and needs.

They will also appreciate the responsibility that you give them. They might choose to plan some more physical activities, or they might prefer some culture vulture like sightseeing.

You might choose to take a vehicle other than your own on your road trip. You might choose to hire a camper van or even a recreational vehicle. This can add a touch of novelty to your trip, and it can be achingly cool for your kids to tell their friends about their adventures in a retro 1960s camper. It can also save you money on accommodation if you can sleep in your vehicle.

Keep The Kids Entertained

The unique aspect of a road trip is the need to be in the car for a long period of time each day. You need to ensure that you have activities planned to keep your children entertained.

This might mean giving into a bit of tablet time, hiring some portable DVD players for the trip and having plenty of snacks for the road. Kids tend to have a habit of being more hungry when they become bored so it’s vital that you have in-car games at your disposal. Allow them to take turns to control the radio. Ensure that you tell them of the plans for the day so they can get excited about the trip.

While you are embarking on a road trip, you need to ensure that you aren’t on the road twenty four hours a day. You need to drive for a maximum of two hours before having a break. This might be for a toilet stop, or to enjoy a museum or to have fun at a theme park. By splitting up your day into segments, you’ll be able to jam pack more exciting activities into your vacation.


A road trip can be a relatively cheap holiday. There are no flights to book, no visas to pay for and no extra holiday insurance to buy. Instead, you can pack up your very own car and head off on an adventure in your home country.

When booking accommodation, you don’t have to always opt for hotels. These can be expensive even on the cheapest comparison websites. Instead, consider campsites and caravan parks.

If you’re thinking of taking a jaunt to Wales, why not opt for the luxurious Prestatyn holiday park with stunning chalets and beautiful bespoke caravans.

Alternatively, you might fancy a trip to Dorset. Here, there are plenty of opportunities to glamp and stay in the most unique teepee like structures in the great outdoors. These holiday experiences are more special as they are different from the norm.

The road trip often gets a bad press for being boring. However, plan your trip well, and empower your brood to get involved and you could have the best holiday ever.

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