Boiler Tips All Homeowners Need To Know

If there is one household appliance that most homeowners aren’t all that clued up on, it has to be the boiler. For such an important appliance, it is actually quite surprising that not a lot of people know the correct ways to look after and maintain the one in their home. If that sounds like you, it’s worth working on your boiler knowledge as knowing more about it will help you use it a lot more efficiently.

Here are some great boiler tips that every homeowner should know.

Schedule Your Heating

Firstly, if you don’t already do so, it’s worth scheduling your heating. You can do this with the thermostat. Think about the times of day that you would like the heating to be on. For most people, this is first thing in the morning when they get up and again in the evening. There’s no need to have the heating on during the day when you are out at work. Scheduling the heating in this way can help you reduce your heating use without really noticing it, which should save you money on your monthly heating bills. 

Keep The Area Clear

One thing that not many homeowners realize is that they should keep the immediate area around the boiler clear. That’s because there will be vents and grills on the appliance that need to be clear so that they don’t get blocked so quickly with dust and debris. If some end up blocked by clutter, it could actually lead to a gas leak. 

Get Regular Services

It’s also really worth booking regular services for your boiler. The majority of boiler specialists will offer this as a service. Ideally, you should get your boiler serviced once a year. Doing so should flag up any issues while they are still relatively cheap and easy to fix. 

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Don’t Wait To Replace A Boiler

Lots of people try to get their boiler to last for as long as possible and ignore the warning signs that tell them it’s time to be replaced. It’s much better to get a boiler replacement in a timely manner, though, as old ones can sometimes end up being dangerous. They can end up being a potential gas-leak risk, so it’s always best to find a new model as soon as you can.

Bleed Your Radiators

A lot of homeowners don’t bother bleeding the radiators in their home. It’s essential that you do, though, as it can really help your boiler and the home’s overall heating system. Bleeding them ensures that any trapped air is removed so that the radiators can then heat up evenly and more efficiently. That means that, overall, your boiler isn’t working too hard to heat up the whole house. This is also a great tip if you are trying to reduce your monthly heating bills too!

Hopefully, this blog post has answered all of your burning boiler questions. And the tips should help you maintain your property’s boiler a lot better in the future!

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