Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer With These Tips

Keep Your Car On The Road For Longer With These Tips

The average cost of a family car in Britain is £12,919 which is a substantial amount of money to most families. No one wants to be forking out this sort of money regularly, so it is essential to make sure that your car is maintained and on the road for as long as possible.

It is thought that the average Brit spends around £40,000 on repairing and servicing cars over the course of their lifetime – and we want to help you to reduce this and save your money! Here, we share a few tips for keeping your car on the road for as long as possible.

Put it in the garage

The best place to keep your car when it is not being used is in the garage. Not only it is safe from any would-be thieves, but it is also kept dry and protected from the harsh elements as much as possible and sloes down rusting and erosion. It also gives you a place to check your car over and work on it if you need to. If you have access to a garage, clear out the junk, use a durable concrete floor sealer to give you a nice smooth base to park it on. 

Beat The Heat

While the UK is not prone to extraordinarily high temperatures, when the mercury does begin to rise, the car is more at risk of overheating. The obvious solution is to keep it out of the sun, which is why parking it in the shade (or that all-important garage!) is an excellent option. Also, try to drive more smoothly in the summer. High revs mean the engine is working harder, and that produces heat. By driving slower and more sensibly, the cooling system should not get overworked. 


As with everything mechanical, cars get worse with age. So, the more you use yours, the more likely it will break down in the future. Of course, most people don’t care because the reason they have a car is to drive and not walk. However, walking instead of driving every now and again could save you a fortune, not to mention the health benefits that come with a little extra exercise. Moreover, if that is not enough, it’s always nice to get some fresh air, especially in the summertime. Whenever the car isn’t necessary, don’t be afraid to leave it in the garage. 

Service it

While this will cost you money in the short term, it will save you a fortune in the long run. Taking it for a service every year and having spark plugs and filters changed, fresh oil and a general clean up of the car will prolong its life span and can give you an early indication of any problems which may start causing you money. Don’t forget to book it in for an MOT if it is over three years old – not only does this make sure your car is safe and roadworthy, but it is a legal requirement as well.

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