3 Reasons To Avoid The Stress Of A House Move

3 Reasons To Avoid The Stress Of A House Move

Sometimes, moving home is the right answer.

If you’re looking to move nearer to your workplace, or if your neighbourhood has changed beyond recognition, then you might deem the move necessary.

On the other hand, you might not have to go through the stress of a house move at all. Because let’s face it, does the prospect of going through mortgage options, packing boxes, and uprooting your family and life really appeal to you?

If there were reasons to stay where you were, surely the better option would be to stay put. Right?

Well, it’s up to you. We don’t know your particular situation, and you might have excellent reasons for wanting to move. Still, take a look at the reasons not to below, and weigh up the options for yourself if you are currently thinking about moving.

#1: You can make alterations to your current home

If you want to move because you need more space or greater functionality, then fine. However, you could contact residential architects in your area and discuss the possibility of a house extension with them.

A home renovation isn’t always cheap, but it’s less expensive than a house move. And the same applies to the style of your home. If you’re looking for a more modern feel, or if you’re looking for other architectural styles, you could make the relevant changes to your current property.

You would then have a home better suited to your change of tastes, and you wouldn’t have had to move half way across the country to find it.

3 Reasons To Avoid The Stress Of A House Move

#2: You can save money at home

Upgrading your home might not be the reason why you want to move. Instead, you might be considering downsizing, especially if you are struggling financially. Now, this makes sense.

Why live somewhere that is costing you a fortune? However, before calling a removal service, consider the steps you could take in your home first. Could you rent out a room or your garage space? Could you switch telephone, insurance, and energy providers? Could you make your home more energy-efficient? By taking one or all of these steps, your financial situation might turn around.

You might also research ways to boost your income, and with a view to our article on the matter, you might want to find ways to manage your debts too. So, move if you have to, but consider other options first.

#3: It’s just not the right time

Don’t rush into a house move. If your children are at an important stage in their schooling, you might want to hold off. If you’re about to be promoted at work, you might think twice before moving area and changing jobs. If you have friends and family that rely on you (and if you rely on them), you might want to think again.

And if you are already feeling stressed in your life, do you really want to add to your stress with a house move? So, think before you start the moving process. For all we know, it might be right for you, but don’t make any hasty decisions.

So, is a house move right for you? Maybe. But considering the stress and the expense involved, you might just want to wait a while. Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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