Keeping Your Child In A Good Spirits As They Grow

Happiness and self-confidence are absolutely vital if you’re to get what you want out of life. You can be intelligent and have the right people around you, but if your mind isn’t quite right, then all of the convenience is irrelevant.

Do you ever see confident people that are, let’s say, slightly less skilled in the brain department, at the top of the tree? That’s because they have the courage of conviction, and they didn’t really care about what people thought of them. There are so many wonderfully gifted people out there that haven’t been able to show what they’re made of because they’re trapped in their own head. 

That’s in regard to people of all ages. Now, let’s talk about confidence and happiness with regards to children and teenagers. Well, it’s arguably even more important, don’t you think? If they’re low in confidence growing up, then it’ll affect them further on down the line. If the confidence is high, then they’ll enter the real world with their shoulders back and their chest out! How do you do this to your son or daughter, though?

How do you keep them in good spirits throughout their young and impressionable years? Well, here are a bunch of ways you can do it: 

Set A Great Example

If you’re constantly in a dour, negative mood around them, then your kids are going to follow suit. They absolutely worship the ground you walk on; anything you do will be copied by them – even if they say you’re embarrassing or a little silly, they’ll still want to do what you do.

Live every day as though life is worth living; they’ll follow you in your thinking.

Make Sure They’re School Life Is Good

Schooling is so vital in a child’s life. They need to be able to learn lots, obviously, but their social life is also a huge part of their existence.

They need to be comfortable with the place that they spend the majority of their day. If their school life isn’t great, then it can affect a lot more going forward.

Do you think your daughter would benefit from an all-girl school like Would your son benefit from a coeducational place? Are you keeping tabs on everything they do (without being too overbearing)? These are questions you might need to ask yourself here.    

My eldest is 5th grade now and things are a lot busier for her at school but I also need to make sure that she still has fun outside of the school hours. I think it is very important for her to have activities that have nothing to do with school and she also need time to meet up with her friends as well.

Teach Them How To Do Things

Incompetence in kids is forgivable. It’s not exactly for adults. If you’re a grown man or woman, and you struggle to do the basics in life, then you’re not exactly going to have the best time.

We sometimes get upset if your kids don’t do things properly don’t we? But do we ever wonder if they how to do those things?

Make sure your kids are taught everyday things so they can use them for the rest of their lives. Show them how to make their own lunch and even how to iron their school shirt.

People gain lots of confidence when they can properly execute basic and necessary domestic jobs – allow them to have that confidence!  

Positive Reinforcement

You shouldn’t just praise someone for no reason – that won’t work at all. When they do something good, though? Let them know about it.

When they feel as though they messed up? Tell them about the good things they did along the way. Positive reinforcement is so much better than yelling at them and putting them on edge.

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