A Flying Start In Life: The Skills Your Kids Need To Learn Before They Move Out

It’s a difficult world out there! When you are looking to set a good example for your children, you will truly see the fruits of your labour when they fly the nest. And sometimes, we can find ourselves in for quite a shock, especially if our children are ill-prepared to deal with things like paying bills! It’s a shame that many schools do not teach the practical skills in life, but would rather focus on Pythagoras’ theorem.

This means we’ve got to take the law into our own hands to ensure that our children have the skills, not just to benefit them when they move out but also, that it benefits them throughout their entire lives. What are the things that our children really need to know?

The Practical DIY Components

One of the biggest issues the younger generation have is that they are not useful with their hands. Granted, they can play Warcraft with the best of them, but if there was a problem with the drains or a burst pipe, would they know what to do? It’s unlikely.

And even if you don’t know how to unclog a shower drain, now might be the perfect opportunity to learn yourself. So, at the very least, when your children are living in their own properties, they don’t have to call out a plumber to do it for them! These little DIY tasks aren’t just handy in an emergency, but it can help to save a lot of money!

Understanding Money

If we all understood how to budget effectively, and live within our means, we wouldn’t need to take out loans or credit cards! Because there are so many young adults in debt, they spend the best part of a decade trying to pay it off, if not longer!

Teaching our children to understand money is partly what they can learn from us, but it’s about giving them the appropriate tools to live within their means. This doesn’t just include budgeting, but it includes lifestyle choices. We can very easily waste money on expensive brands, but if we learnt how to make the most of what we’ve got, whether it’s in terms of food or gym memberships, these are all things that can help us to thrive with minimal resources.

Learning How To Cook

Part of making significant lifestyle choices means that we should learn how to cook. There is such a big reliance on ready meals and unhealthy choices like fast food, if we learned how to cook healthy meals, we would save a lot of money, and feel better as a result. It’s one of those age-old things that we try to teach our children but they don’t necessarily realise the importance of it until they leave home. So if you just give them a handful of meals that they can do themselves, but also provide ways to pique their imagination so they can experiment with food, this becomes a lifetime passion but also helps them to save money.

And with all of the skills, the bottom line is that we need to teach our children the art of being self-sufficient. Teaching our children these three main skills can be the biggest lifesavers, and also, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you have given them a head start in life. 

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