Equipping your children to do well in their exams

Being able to pass tests and exams is a life skill that every child needs. These days, children start being tested at a very young age. How well they do in those early tests does have an impact.

But, today, I thought I would talk about tools your kids could benefit from using to get them through their GCSE´s, A-levels and university exams. After all, these are the exams that will make the most difference to their lives, in the long run.

A tool to check for plagiarism

I am going to start with a slightly unusual habit that is actually quite important. Plagiarism checker software will help your children to spot when they have not expressed what they have learned in their own words. 

If they submit a paper that looks like it has been copied, even in part, it can mean an immediate fail. Submitting a piece of work that looks like it has been created by simply rewording other people’s text is also not a good idea. So, before submitting important academic papers your children should know how to put them through a plagiarism checker.

A quiet place to study

It is important to teach your children the value of sitting down somewhere quiet to learn. The younger you start doing this the better. Sitting your toddler down for a few minutes to go through some letter cards is a good starting point. 

When they are old enough to sit at the table, get them to read there for 10 minutes, or go through their numbers. Gradually, increase the time they spend sitting at a desk doing this. It is an early introduction to learning to create the right environment for effective study. 

Later, when they have homework to do they will automatically sit at a desk to do it, which means they will be less likely to be distracted and study better.

Teach your children how to revise effectively

If your child has a spelling test, ensure that they revise for it. Make revising a priority for them from an early age. You want to encourage them to do their best at all times. The earlier you start the less likely they are to develop the habit of leaving revising to the last minute.

A diet rich in brain foods

Numerous studies show that there is a strong connection between what you eat and how well your brain works. So, encouraging your children to consume more of certain foods can help them to learn and make it easier for them to pass their exams. You can more about these foods by clicking this link.

Implementing all of the above will benefit your kids. But, not as much as setting a good example yourself will. If you can, pick a qualification that will help your career and study to attain it. 

Your children will see you studying diligently, so will be more likely to want to do the same. Hopefully, it will also lead to your securing a better job, which is an excellent way to demonstrate the benefits of being a continual learner and securing good qualifications. 

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