How to Make Your Home Easy to Clean

We all know that running a family home can be difficult, it’s almost like a 2nd full-time job. Whenever you feel like you have cleaned a room it turns into a complete mess again in just a few hours. 

Maintaining a clean and tidy home can be exhausting! If you have small children and pets then it’s essential you have some sort of organized plan for cleaning. Without a plan, your home can quickly become a dump. 

To help significantly reduce your house workload and the stress that comes with it, here are some top tips for making your home easy to clean. The aim is to create a house that (almost) self-cleans by establishing new rules, habits, and mindsets for cleaning your home. 

Read on to discover the best ways to make your home cleaner for longer.

Go Minimal

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You will be amazed at how much you can reduce your house cleaning simply by decluttering your house of useless items. You may have seen Marie Kondo, the famous organizing consultant, on TV over the last year or so talking about household items that ‘spark joy’. While it may be easy to dismiss Kondo’s work as some new wave spiritual nonsense there is, in fact, a lot of weight to her argument and logic.

By deciding on what items in your house ‘spark joy’ in your life you can declutter your house of useless items that are just gaining dust in the corner. Not only does this clear your space it also reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning too. A more spacious home with less ‘stuff’ can help reduce stress and keep home life simple. 

Don’t Go it Alone

It’s so easy for the woman of the house to get landed with all the cleaning chores. It’s an old way of thinking that needs to change. Everyone that lives within a space is responsible for that space and its cleanliness.

We all have preferred chores so why not divide the big chores between you and your partner. Don’t be afraid to get your children involved with cleaning too. You will be surprised at how much small children enjoy helping Mom and Dad clean the house. Start early and cleaning the house and being responsible for their personal mess will be second nature when they grow up. 

Clean Smart 

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Nobody enjoys cleaning or the time it takes to get it done so it’s important to clean smart. The most simple way to do this is to always clean from the top down. There is no point in cleaning the floor and then dusting the shelves afterward. 

Always tidy as you go through the house. This takes some getting used to but if you can instill it into your own behavior and your other family members, the house will stay cleaner for longer. If you see a mark on the table then clean it. If you see a rogue sock on the stairs, pick it up and so on. 

By incorporating this behavior in your home you will quickly notice how much cleaner your home is on a regular basis. 

Use Mats Everywhere!

Did you know you can reduce the amount of dirt in your house by 80% simply by putting mats at every entrance of your home? If you haven’t already, go buy some outside mats and place them at every entrance. Once in place, enforce the rule that everyone must wipe their feet on the way in. 

This simple but effective solution will keep your kitchen floor and designer rugs safe from dust, mud and whatever else the cat may drag in. Remember, some mats are better than others so it’s worth doing your research first. 

Create a Cleaning Rotor 

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Think about how much time we spend arguing in the home about who does what chores. Perhaps everything just gets left to poor old Mom? Both are inefficient and unfair ways of keeping your family home clean. 

To quickly avoid all confrontation over household chores why not create a cleaning rotor? This plan can specifically task each family member with different jobs each week. This way, everybody knows what they are doing and when. The plan can always be altered and moved around depending on your family’s personal plans throughout the week. 

Buy Self-deodorizing Toilet Cleaners

Nobody enjoys getting on their hands and knees to scrub a toilet. Especially a toilet that has built up a funky smell over the week. 

Eliminate this nasty scenario by purchasing self-deodorizing toilet cleaners. Simply stick them in the toilet and every time you flush it will keep the toilet smelling fresh. Whoever get’s landed the job of cleaning the toilet won’t hate the job as much anymore. 

Everyone Has One Thing

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One cup, one plate, one bowl, one knife, one fork, one teaspoon, one tablespoon…you get the idea. This simple but effective rule eliminates people using too much dishware which then piles up in the sink or dishwasher. Enforcing the one item per person rule requires them to always clean their dishes so that they can use them again. 

You will soon notice the difference when it comes to washing dishes. If you have lots of other dishwares for parties or family meals then hide them away and only bring them out for those occasions. 

Be Organised

Spending a full day organizing all your stuff, labeling it all and creating special compartments for it can save you so much time and energy in the future. 

Everything has its place and there is a place for everything. Living by this motto can help keep things tidy, stop things getting lost and reduce the amount of tidying by up to 70%!

The kitchen is the most important room for this rule. Utensils, pans, pots, dry foods, and spices should all be properly labeled and have a specific place. Everyone in the family should know these places, where to find them and where to put them back.

New Rules + New Habits = A Clean Home

By incorporating the above into your family home you can help create much tidier, cleaner and stress-free space for your family to live in. These tips don’t just keep your house clean, they teach your family members how to be a responsible homeowner. These are habits that build character and responsibility in a person, especially young children

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