New business and new life

It is really time for a family update on this blog don’t you think? Oh yes…I hear you!

We are now living as a proper family at home back in my hometown in Romania and although it is really cool and we love being all together at last I have to admit that it’s been quite hard for all of us to adjust to a life we only had to have a couple of times a year before.

The girls are not used to not have mummy only for themselves anymore but they love jumping to daddy every single time mummy tells them off. Oh yeh…and daddy of course he is not really used to tell them off so…I am sure you can at least assume what happens next.

But it is all good. Mummy opened her own business with the help of the lord European Union and daddy works besides her for his own job. We have a proper office and a proper shop close to home which makes it a little easier to look after the girls as well.

But is not always easy to manage everything when we have so much on our plate – business, jobs, pick up and drop off of the girls to school and activities, preparing food etc. And it not makes it easy the fact the girls still expect us to be around all the time.

The shop is our second home now though. And as much as tiring as some days are it is really satisfying to be working for ourselves.

As I was saying the office and shop is not in our home as we wanted as the plans for the extension of the house were not as easy to do! We live quite in the centre of my home town and being in the zone zero it means that we have to comply with a huge amount of rules.

We only wanted to renovate our garage and transform it into a shop but….we can’t just do that. We HAVE to build an extra floor in order to be in line with the regulation. As you can imagine to do that we needed more money so we had to rethink the way we wanted to do things and renovate a shop space close to home. This is great and we love it there but things would’ve been a lot easier if we could’ve been at home.

On the plus is that now we can actually build bedrooms for the girls as they are still stuck together in one single room and they are looking forward to that!

If only the paperwork wouldn’t take as long to be done though. And if the architect would understand what we wanted!

Pointless to say that we wanted a circular staircase from the ground floor to the first floor as we want to save as much space as possible on both levels but what do you think?

When he send the design to us…the staircase was on the outside of the house! I mean yes we want to be able to go from one side of the house to the other one but through a door not through an outside staircase that takes us straight to the first floor!

Plus the ground floor doesn’t even have a door into the garden….why? I know we said it will be a commercial space but still! We don’t want to go out of the garden and then into the ground floor! We want to be able to circulate from the garden and the outside door to be for the public.

Why couldn’t he do it? I have no idea! Why couldn’t the architect listen to our requests?

I mean we even show him the website of the staircase manufacturer that we like and we explained him that we could import the staircase as in Romania we can’t find something we like and we explained him that we could import the staircase as in Romania we can’t find something we like. 

At least this architect gave us a drawing. the one before kept us waiting for four months and didn’t do even that! PFT! So i guess in a way we can consider it as an improvement!

We do hope to have the plans finished soon so we can apply for permits and then start renovating and building…. The girls are growing up and they don’t like sharing the same room anymore.

Besides the stress of a new business and the one with the renovation all is well though. We are healthy and thriving and we are greatfull. At the end of the day that is exactly what we need to be well and together – the rest is just air.

The girls are big now. I can’t believe Anastasia is already 7 and Kara is almost 11! There are a lot of changes with them too! And sometimes I feel like I don’t stop enough from my daily to do list to just watch them grow and develop.

I wish – like any other parent I guess – for the time to pass slower than it does. I mean I am turning 40 this year and Adrian is 50. Where did the time go?

There’s been 15 years since we’ve been together…so many things have happen but certain memories feel like yesterday.

I want to achieve more and now in a way it feels like there is not enough time to do so! I want more time. More time to be with the people I love and more time to achieve more in my life.

But I am thankful so thankful for what I have already! Oh so thankful!

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