Stop Feeling Chained To The Rubber Gloves! Creating A System To Clean Your Home

While you have time to clean the house now, do you tend to find you struggle under the pressures you have in your everyday life? When we are doing our best to keep our home together but also work a job, we can feel the stress mounting. And for those parents out there that are currently trying to homeschool their children, finding time for the essentials like cleaning can fall by the wayside. And for those people that need a clean house but are struggling to get it right now, the key is all about a proper system. 

A Schedule Is Key (Even If You Can’t Stick To It)

You need structure. You may think that you have to set aside a whole day to do the entire house, but this only serves to put a lot of pressure on you. If you don’t get it done during the course of that day, it can stress you out, but at the same time if you do it on a Saturday or Sunday it can be a wasted day. Instead, finding a schedule for each type of job throughout the week can mean you spread out the duties.

Get yourself a calendar template and begin to mark out the important tasks that need doing every week. The important thing to remember at this point is that you space them out. There is no point in doing one all in one day. But also the very fact that you have committed these things to a calendar gives you the structure. Even if you find that you are unable to complete all of the tasks for a specific week, next week will come around soon enough so you can tackle it then.

Breaking Down The Tasks

Breaking down each task is crucial. This helps to spread out the duties, but it can make you realise what tasks are considered important.

Many people feel, in order to have a clean home, that it has to be blitzed from top to bottom. But the fact of the matter is that if you’ve got a spare toilet that is rarely used, does it need cleaning every week? It’s essential to break down the tasks, so you know what you need to do but also so you can understand what you don’t need to do.

Develop An “As-You-Go” Approach

For many of us, cleaning the home is something that we don’t want to do. And this means that when we have to set aside an afternoon or a whole day to clean the house, it’s something we begin to resent.

Instead, consider adopting a different mindset to the task. By developing an approach where you clean up as you go means that when cleaning day comes around, you’ve got a lot less to do. A good example is the vacuuming. If you can purchase a handheld vacuum and focus on cleaning the key areas rather than the entire home each and every time, you will have cut your workload significantly.

It is a mammoth task, but if we develop a system, practically and mentally, we don’t have to feel chained to the rubber gloves!

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