Can A Remote Entrepreneur Hire Remote Employees?

Can A Remote Entrepreneur Hire Remote Employees?

The remote working wave was already coming. The coronavirus merely just accelerated it, to where now most people are smacking their foreheads with the ‘I can’t believe we didn’t do this before’ attitude. Well, many entrepreneurs have always been working remotely.

We’re not alien to this concept at all we’re the ones who are pushing it forward. It’s just now, most companies will be considering making a large portion of their workforce, remote-only. That should allow you to hire more people who are already remote workers. Does this mean you don’t have to make changes to your business because the employees will already have their own setup? What would the hiring process look like?

It’s all about the software

Using the best tools is the first order of your business. Since you’re now going to be working with employees from a remote location, you need to consider how you will keep everybody in touch with each other.

This doesn’t just mean using great conference call software, but task management software too. The best on the market are Slack, Monday, InVision, Trello, and Scale.

All of which have features that allow you to send text messages, upload and download documents, share videos, and assign tasks quickly. Employees can be taken out and put in as and when you wish. This means permissions for tasks are easily changed to suit your specifications. Since there’s no manager to oversee their work in person, it’s good to have this kind of feature already integrated.

What the increase entails

Since you will also have an increase in users working, you cannot possibly hope to remain on a shared server.

It would limit the number of people you can hire, limit the number of things you can do, and dramatically slow down the system. Using a cheap vps you can scale your package to your needs.

First, you need to select your operating system, with options like Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, and Centos. You can also integrate a lot of one-click apps and select your service location. If you have a lot of employees in one particular country, selecting their country would make it easier for them to work fluidly.

The basic package gives you a nice 7TB of bandwidth, 4GB of RAM, and 50GB of SSD space. If you want to hire employees you need to have a flexible server hosting platform.

Line of succession 

What happens when you’re not at home or in an office? You need someone else to be in charge of the whole operation. This means you need to trust someone with the admin controls which sets tasks, allocates resources, and communicates with clients and employees alike. Just because you’re a remote business doesn’t mean you don’t have the same conundrums real-world companies do. It will take some time to build the trust required, but you need to hire remote managers who can take charge of the situation when you need them to. Yes, sometimes, remote workers do need babysitting.

You and everybody else in the world knows, remote working is the future. It’s time for entrepreneurs that have been thriving in this field to take advantage of the many people now working from home but looking for a new job. 


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