Could Working from Home Be a Permanent Option for You?

Could Working from Home Be a Permanent Option for You?

When you have kids, you can often feel like you’re trying to juggle parenting and your career. You want to give your little ones the best upbringing possible, but you also want to advance in the area of specialism you’ve been working towards for such a long time.

Of course, it’s possible to manage both. But there can be times where you find yourself feeling like you’re neglecting one area of your life or another. For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a new way of working that may actually prove better for you and your family – working from home. Generally, most of us just work office jobs.

We’re in the office nine to five and spend time with our little ones around this. But now, we’re working from home on a remote basis and the kids are home with us. Sure, this can pose its challenges. But many of us are actively enjoying the increased flexibility that remote work offers us. So, could this be a permanent option for you?

Talk With Your Employer

You may want to discuss post-lockdown options with your employer. There’s a chance that they could agree to you becoming a remote worker. Generally speaking, however, chances of this are slim. It’s worth asking though!

Freelance or Run Your Own Business

The two most common options when it comes to working from home are to either freelance or run your own business. When you freelance, you complete projects or tasks for others and invoice per job.

When you run your own business, you’re literally your own boss and create a startup that sells products or services. Either way, you’ll have to register as self-employed!


When you freelance, you need to work hard to secure clients. Getting a project in the first place is the hardest part. Once you’ve achieved this, they will generally return time and time again as long as you complete a good job. You have to be proactive when it comes to securing clients.

First, set yourself up a website. Use it to provide a portfolio, highlight your achievements and explain your services. Use SEO services from to help your website scale the search engine rankings and boost traffic to your page. You should also regularly check job sites – sometimes companies list freelance projects on here as well as employed roles!

Running Your Own Business

Running your own business tends to be a lot harder to get going, believe me I now know it quite well. But it can prove really rewarding down the line.

The main thing you need to focus on is coming up with something to sell. Your product or service should either fill a gap in the market or provide something that’s already there but better. This is why we chose to buy a 3D printer and a laser for our business in order to bring to my hometown something that didn’t exist. Market research can help you to determine what will be successful.

These, of course, are just basics to consider that could take you in a direction where you can work from home on a permanent basis.


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