6 - How Mum's (and Dad’s) can earn a little extra online

How Mums (and Dads) can earn a little extra online

Every little helps. So says Tesco anyway. But seriously who doesn’t like earning a little extra pocket money every now and again? For most hard pressed parents (having to deal with the costs of running a household amongst everything else) this extra income could help towards some of life’s luxuries.

The question is: how can you generate additional income? 

Before you can answer this question it’s worth noting that if you are planning to spend more time online in order to make some extra pennies, then you really should ensure you’re getting the best deal on your broadband.

Compare packages online to see who’s offering the cheapest rates.

So without further ado, let’s uncover some online money making ideas!

  1. Blogging – Starting a blog can not only start you earn you income it can also become a great way to engage with other mums (or dads) online. It’s relatively cheap to get started, you just need a domain name and basic website and away you go. This can even be done for free with platforms such as WordPress allowing users to download free web building software.
  1. Online surveys –  Research companies are looking for individuals to complete consumer questionnaires about products and services. You can earn up to £3 per survey which isn’t going to transform your living standards overnight but after rattling through a few surveys whilst watching the TV you can slowly start to build up your income without leaving the house!
  1. Content Writing – Getting some writing gigs means you can earn extra money writing digital copy. Check out websites such as PeoplePerHour where you can create a profile to showcase your writing skills. 
  1. Affiliate Marketing – This is a process whereby you promote products on your website and then take a commission each time a user from your site makes an online purchase from one of the companies you are advertising.
  1. YouTube – While the thought of becoming an influencer may fill some people with a sense of dread, for others it sounds like a semi-easy way to make some extra cash. Setting up a channel on YouTube is easy and income can be generated by sharing ad revenues generated from users watching your videos online.

These are just five ways to make extra income online, no doubt if you do some research you could find many others. The great thing about all of the above (and indeed most online income generation ideas) is that they don’t take much initial financial outlay to get started.

What they do require is another commodity almost as precious to parents as money: time. However, the above ideas are also flexible meaning you can do as much or as little as you like. 

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