Reducing The Stress Of Cleaning at Home

Reducing The Stress Of Cleaning at Home

When we’re single, young, and living alone, cleaning up at home is easy. We’re rarely there, working full time and spending our free time socialising, we’re out of the house for long hours. We eat there infrequently, and there’s no one else to make a mess. We can clean up the whole house in just a few minutes and be done for the week.

Then, we have kids. Suddenly, our homes are filled with other people and the mess that they bring. We have to wash up or load the dishwasher multiple times a day, we need to vacuum again almost as soon as we’ve finished doing it, and there is always a load ready to go in the washing machine. 

It never seems to end, and with all of our other responsibilities, it can be stressful. But, it doesn’t need to be, there is plenty that you can do to reduce the stress, make things easier to keep on top of, and make your home life more enjoyable. 

Make It Easier to Clean

If the cleaning is getting to you, ask yourself what you could do to make it easier to clean and easier to keep clean. Wooden flooring is often easier to clean than carpets, and certainly easier to deep clean, so you may want to read this Engineered Wood Flooring thickness guide for help. 

Decluttering will also be a big help, as less stuff means fewer places for dirt and dust to hide and grow. Then, think about appliances, a dishwasher, a power mop, steamer, and even a robot vacuum could help. 

Reducing The Stress Of Cleaning at Home

Get Into Good Habits

Perhaps the best way to reduce the stress of cleaning is to keep on top of it. Get into good habits, like cleaning as you go, and encourage your children to do the same, by tidying up when they are finished with an activity, and putting things away before they go to bed. 

Ask for Help

Remember, you don’t have to do it all alone. Assign specific tasks to each member of your household. You’ll be amazed by how giving up even simple chores, such as pairing up socks, can reduce your own workload and save you time. 

Use the Right Products

The right products don’t just make it easier to clean your home, they can also make sure it stays clean for longer, keep things free from bacteria, and if you buy products that smell great, you might even enjoy cleaning a little more. 

Aim for natural cleaning products and reusable cloths. Try to avoid plastics where you can, and invest in scents that you like. When it comes to cleaning appliances, it’s often worth spending a little more if you can afford to, for things that will last and make life easier. 

Hire a Cleaner

If you really hate cleaning, and you can afford it, why not hire a cleaner? Even if it’s just once a month for a few hours, it could make your life much easier, and improve your mood. 

Another option is to try and have fun. Put some music on, give everyone a duster, and have some fun dancing while you clean. Yes, it will take longer, but if you have fun, and burn some extra calories, does it matter?


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