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5 Interactive & Educational Things You Can Learn Online

With the uncertainty, the world is going through and the struggles that we might be facing due to COVID-19 come autumn, our current global situation is anything but ‘ordinary’. Whatever the near future holds, it’s important to continue with education even if we cannot physically take classes, courses or go to school or uni, etc. So here are some great activities you can do to make the time spent at home worthwhile. These are great also if you want to get the whole family engaged and have fun learning together.

5 educational activities for children at home:

  1. Learn a foreign language

Everyone would like to know a second language, so why not start the lessons at home?! Luckily there are many resources you can use to learn a language. For example, you can download a language learning application like Babbel (available also on iOS) so you can follow guided learning paths. Other ideas are to watch YouTube videos, watch TV shows and films with subtitles, read books and play games in the intended language. While at home, you can also put sticky notes on everyday items and make it a game of practicing each word every day with your family members.

Overall, learning a language takes practice and you can significantly advance your language skills at home by incorporating language learning into everyday activities. 

  1. Learn about science

Now many people imagine messy (yet fun) science experiments, but there are plenty of other science activities you can do at home with your family. You can use YouTube as a resource to find and follow how-to experiments and also learn up about the educational piece of the activity.

If you have kids, you can get a kit such as the Snap Circuits Electronics Exploration Kit has over 300 experiments that you can do together. For hands-on science experiments as well as to learn how about plants and food, you can opt for a greenhouse kit such as the Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany: Experimental Greenhouse Kit.  

  1. Play an instrument

Learning how to play an instrument is an interactive and educational activity as well as a great creative outlet. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, for example, you can get an electric keyboard. Or if you are short on space or want a cost-effective option, you can even use an iPad to learn how to play. 

  1. Coding

Coding is a skill that you will be thankful to have in the years to come. If you like solving puzzles and technology, this Is the perfect activity for you! There are so many ways to learn about coding, one of the most popular ways is via or any other of the many resources available online. 

  1. Learn/practice Math

Math is an educational activity that keeps your brain engaged and helps you use your critical thinking skills. You can make a math game up at home to play with the whole family. You can, for example, practice with online quizzes: there are a lot of fun activities even for kids, like math games such as Cool Math 4 Kids, or off-screen activities such as Bedtime Math. 

Have you tried any of these activities during lockdown, or in general? If so, did you enjoy them?

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