Get A Jump On Winter Prep With These Tips!

Get A Jump On Winter Prep With These Tips!

I know what you’re thinking: why would you need winter tips if it’s the middle of summer?

Well, given that this year has flown past so quickly, it stands to reason that colder weather is on the way faster than you realise. It’s only 4 weeks until Autumn begins sinking in, and if you don’t prepare your home for winter while the weather is dry, you’re going to find it much harder to do it when it;s cold and possibly wet.

In the winter, you expect freezing rain and even snow in some places in the country, which is why you need to make improvements now.

Winter prep doesn’t have to fill you with dread. In fact, winter prep can be exciting. You are going to know that you got your home ready in good time, with the right information on combi boiler prices, where to get insulation from and how to cosy up the house. And you’ll know it all before the house is freezing cold and you don’t have the energy or feeling in your fingers to get it all done. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together some winter prep tips to make sure that your house is set up and ready for a cold snap.

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  1. Check Your Appliances. Start your winter prep by checking your boiler over and checking your dryer is in good working order. You can’t hang clothes outside as much in the winter as it’s just too cold to get them completely dry. So, the best thing that you can do is make sure that your dryer works properly and your boiler is in good condition. You may have to replace your boiler in some cases and if you have to replace yours, you should get a quote early and have it installed before it could possibly break down.
  2. With the wintry weather comes events. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all ahead of you, and you want to make sure that your home feels prepared for all of that. They call it a Spring Clean, but there’s nothing wrong with an Autumnal declutter, right? So, get started now, and you won’t have much to clean up by the time the cooler weather starts.
  3. Speak to an expert about getting your fireplace and chimney cleared out properly. You can think you are doing an amazing job, but the fireplace is not somewhere you want to mess with! Clogged up fireplaces are fire hazards, as are sooty chimneys. Get it cleared early, ready to be lit when you need it!
  4. Your heating system needs maintenance at least twice a year, and the optimum time would be now. You don’t want to get to the cold weather months only to find that yours isn’t working. If you jump on it now, you know that it’ll switch on properly the moment the temperature drops, and you don’t have to worry about not finding an engineer. Heating engineers are very busy in the winter, so get on it now and make sure you have someone to back you up!
  5. Check your windows and your doors for drafts. The smallest draft in the house will affect your heating efficiency, but if you make sure that your exterior doors and windows are completely sealed properly, you will find that you reduce the cold air swimming into the house. It’s a good time to check it when it’s warm, so any fixes can be made without the hindrance of freezing weather coming through the open windows and doors.
  6. Getting the gutters cleared out and ready for the onslaught of rain is a smart idea, and making any repairs in the warm weather prevents any danger being enhanced. Water drainage is so important in the cold, as the weather can freeze the rain and crack the guttering – which is the last thing that you would need! When the gutters crack, it can lead to flooding in the house and ruined exterior walls.
  7. Speaking of gutters, it’s a good time to get the roof repaired if it needs it. It may not need much; just a few tiles may need replacing. If you bring in an expert to give it the maintenance that it needs now, you’ll be ready to take on anything that the winter months have to throw at you.

Preparing for winter in the middle of summer isn’t counter-productive; it’s exceptionally smart.

Take the time to prepare your house now; you won’t regret it!

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