Clever Home Storage Solutions

No matter how big your home is, there never seems to be enough storage for possessions. This can be especially true if you have children. Their items seem to constantly be regurgitated all over the home, rather than in their designated baskets or drawers.

Think about your home. Your electricity is stored in your cables, nestled away within walls and under floorboards. You’ve got your oil stored securely on your property to ensure you have adequate heating – for the best oil prices, check out Super Saver Oil – but do you have the relevant storage for your possessions within your home? If not, cupboards and storage solutions can get quite pricey. You may also not have the floor space that allows for these. This is where making the most of your space, and using a bit of ingenuity, can come in handy. 

Wall Towel Baskets

Using cheap plastic or wicker baskets that you affix to the wall, you can store your towels without taking up any cupboard space. It is important, particularly in smaller homes or apartments, to make the most of any vertical space as well as standard cupboard and shelving spaces.

So long as they are properly fixed to the wall, making note of the type of wall and fittings you might need, this is something you can do yourself without the need to hire some form of handyman.

Use a Spice Rack

Keeping all your spices and ingredients in jars on a designated rack can help you to save a lot of space. You may even opt for one that can be hung over the back of the pantry to further allow you to make the most of the space you have at your disposal. Racks also do not need to be kept in a cupboard or on a counter. They can be wall mounted to again make the most of that often forgotten vertical space. 

Use Door Space

As mentioned above, the back of any doors is often forgotten as space you could potentially use. Whether in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, there are ways that you can utilise this space using over-door hangers. For the bedroom, this could be used to hang any dressing gowns, or in wardrobes as a means of holding up shoe storage pockets.

In the bathroom, this can hold the towels you are currently using to allow them to dry and free up your radiators. In the kitchen, you might also use these hangers to hold aprons, towels, or even oven gloves. It is evident that there are so many options that can be used, if you use a bit of creativity and consider the means of door storage, your possessions, and how the two could fit together.

Instead of opting for standard boxes, drawers, and other means of storage, you can use different ideas to make the most of your space. These can be particularly inexpensive options that free up your space for items that you essentially need in traditional storage, or that are too large to be held on the walls or behind doors.

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