Mummy Life: Remember to Treat Yourself Sometimes

Mummy Life: Remember to Treat Yourself Sometimes

Busy mums spend most of their days dedicated to their families, leaving little time left for themselves. Once in a while it’s important that mums take some time alone to pamper their selves and refresh their spirits. 

Check out these indulgent ways to treat yourself from time to time: 

Buy Yourself a New Bag

Have you been sporting the same old tote that’s also getting pretty beaten up? Maybe it’s time you get yourself a little present! Bags are so important, especially as a mum that always has to carry around a ton of things. Treat yourself to a new purse, something nice and that will last a long time, like a bag from one of the Italian handbag brands by Mirta, all handcrafted with care and available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your preferences. 

Go on a Spa Day or Get a Massage

Letting someone else take care of you is a terrific way to feel pampered. Get a full body massage or get a manicure or pedicure. Or, if you’re looking for a more budget friendly option, you could do a facial or a body scrub at home. Whatever you choose, you’ll feel well rested and glowing from the inside out.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Mummy Life: Remember to Treat Yourself Sometimes

A vase of fresh flowers in the house gives you something cheery and fun to look at and reminds you that you’re a person outside of being a mum. Organize a monthly flower delivery or pick up a fresh bouquet each time you go to the market. 

Go to the Gym/Yoga Class

Exercise releases endorphins, which are feel good chemicals released by your brain. Going to the gym or your favourite yoga class helps you boost your mood and has the side benefit of making you happy with your body and improving your self-esteem.

Treat Yourself to a Dessert

When mum life stresses you out and you just need a quick outlet, a favourite dessert is the best choice. Enjoy a decadent treat that you wouldn’t normally buy and let it give you the reprieve you’re after. Choose a gourmet chocolate, slice of cake or piece of your favourite pie.

Spend Time Outdoors

Much like exercise, time spent outside releases endorphins, making you feel better almost instantly. Go for a walk, take a hike or try a new water sport. All that time spent in the fresh air and sunshine will have you rejuvenated in no time.

Mummy Life: Remember to Treat Yourself Sometimes

Cut Out Time to Read a Good Book

Transport yourself to another world with a good book. Reading gives your brain a chance to recharge and lets you enjoy a relaxing leisure activity that you can do virtually anywhere.

When it’s time to treat yourself, what’s your favourite way to do so? 

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