5 Apps To Help You Train Your New Family Dog

When you’re introducing a new dog into your family, you’ll want to ensure that the dog is properly trained. Before you hire a dog trainer, you should first take a look at these five neat dog training apps.

1 . Dogo Dog Training & Clicker

This application combines both a clicker and an extensive dog training program. First off, you’ll be prompted to answer a set of questions about your dog. The questions are especially designed to decide which of the available training programs is the most suitable for your pooch. Here there are five different dog training programs, including Little Helper, Stay Active, Basic Obedience, New Dog and Strengthen Your Friendship. Using these programs you can learn everything from basic commands and tricks to more advanced behavioral training.

2. Pupford

The Pupford app offers a 30-day program, created by renowned dog trainer Zak George. Every training session includes detailed instructions and a useful video guide. Here you’ll find a huge variety of lessons including teaching your dog to lay, crate training, and leash walking. The program involves repeating several of the important lessons, which helps to reinforce understanding, and help your dog to make progress. The app also includes training sessions that are specifically focused on correcting bad behavior.

3. Puppr

Puppr is a fantastic application for dog training, it includes a clicker, and photographs combined with step by step instructions. Here you’ll find 50+ tricks, from basic to advanced. With the Puppr app you can monitor the tricks that your dog has already learned, and set notification reminders. The was created by famous dog trainer Sara Carson of ‘Sara and The Super Collies’. When you’re getting a new family dog, Puppr is a great support tool.

4. GoodPup

With the GoodPup application users can access 1:1 training via video call. Here you can get training from some of the best trainers around, without having to leave your home. All courses are designed to reflect the way that dogs learn, so you’ll see fast progress. With the GoodPup app you can set goals, and contact your trainer by text when you need more help. Training your puppy or dog at home can really help them to relax, and experience less distractions. Using the latest positive reinforcement training, you’ll help your puppy to learn good habits that stick. A few of the training sessions available include crate training, potty training, basic commands, socialization, and behavioral training.

5. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

Sometimes, a high-frequency whistling sound is more effective at capturing a dog’s attention, compared to a human voice. For this reason, clickers and whistles can be useful to support the training process. You can use either one as a cue, to reinforce good behavior, or to draw your dog away from a distraction. As well as the clicker and whistle the app has up to 50 other sound effects to choose from.

Besides a good training regime, there are many things that can affect the behavior of your dog. To ensure good behavior, ensure that your dog has a healthy diet of the best dog food, and that your dog gets plenty of sleep and exercise.

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