5 Ways to Take Your Winter Family Time to The Next Level

Can you believe it’s been ten months now since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK, and many countries still find themselves in a far from ideal scenarios. 
With each passing day meaning we’re getting deeper into the winter season, it’s likely that many of our previous go to outdoor activities will be limited. With continuing social distancing and quarantine rules still in place in some areas it calls for even more creativity when it comes to having meaningful and practical things to do all through winter as a family.

Although nothing is zero risk, it’s still possible to do things that will enhance the time we spend together, even in these more restricted times. Here’s some ideas for you this Winter and beyond.

1. Creating their own space

One encouraging thing that’s happened this year is how we’ve all reflected on the vital importance of our health service. Why not bring a little of that joy in our everyday play? Rather than have the kids bored in the house, allow them to unleash the inner doctor in them by taking out the numerous box of bandages they have wanted to make use of all year. 
The important thing here is helping them have their own creative spaces. Getting a kids teepee tent can be massively helpful in creating their own spaces, hospitals or wards. 
If your kids already have stuffed animals or dolls who urgently need to get their yearly shots, this is the time to get this done. 
If you want to really take things up a level – have the kids practice administering the shots on the dolls and then covering them with as many bandages as they deem necessary. 
Try to encourage the ‘doctors’ to ensure they have taken care of as many of their stuffed animals and dolls as they can during each play session. 

2. Go On a Winter Hike

If the conditions in your area allow it, why not go out on a winter hike? The hike can take part in the woods or the nearby park, provided you practice the requisite social distancing rules. As you follow the hiking trails, encourage the kids to collect all the interesting items they encounter. Once back home, get out some glue and sturdy paper, and together as a family, start creating a beautiful nature collage comprising all the things collected earlier. 
As you go about collecting the items to use later, you can also make some long-term memories by taking some beautiful snowy pictures!
The hike should also be an interesting opportunity for the young ones to identify the animal tracks they spot when making their way around the park/woods. 
There’s so much to do when on a hike, especially when you have got nothing but lots of time on your hands. 

3. DIY Winter-Themed Glitter Jars

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March this year, glitter jars have gone on to become a hit with parents and kids all over the world. 
One of the key reasons behind this has been COVID-19 related anxiety. The main point of this activity is to take a jar and fill it with glitter and water. 
Whenever the kids become anxious, angry, or upset, they get to shake the jar and watch the glitter inside it begin to settle. It’s believed to help them calm down. 
Making a winter-themed glitter jar will require you to collect different glitter colors—silver, light blue, dark blue, and white to represent ice and snow. 
You can even make it more interesting by throwing in some interesting items such as a rubber Olaf, snowflake erasers, and little penguins. 

4. Have a Movie Marathon

What better way to whirl away time on a cold winter night than to organize a Nostalgia movie marathon? Open a streaming account and locate movies from your childhood. 
The list can include anything from Ghostbusters to Mary Poppins or Annie. Use the movie marathon to introduce the kids to these movies and tell them why you loved them growing up.

5. Time for a bake!

Baking  together is one winter activity that never goes out of style. This year, it’s going to be even more important as kids can’t go out to play with their friends nearly as much. 
You don’t have to stick to the same recipe you have been using through the years. Switch things up by looking for new recipes.
Try different flavours of things to shake things up. This activity will prove particularly engaging for the entire family. 

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