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4 Jobs That Let You Travel the World for Free

Travel is one of the best experiences in life. The opportunity to explore the world, meet new people, try exotic foods, and have exciting adventures. When you’re traveling, you are creating fantastic memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And it makes you a better person. Seeing the world takes you out of your comfort zone, making you more confident and knowledgeable, as well as more tolerant and respectful of other cultures.

There is no downside to travel whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. Most people have families, mortgages, and full-time jobs that make it difficult to go on vacation for more than two weeks at a time. You might feel you’re limited to a summer holiday and the odd weekend break. And that’s before you take into account the cost.

But what if you had a job that allowed you to travel the world and visit new places, all paid for by the company credit card? It is possible. While you’re working from home or slaving away in the office five days a week, there are people out there making a steady salary while constantly jetting off to exotic locations. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

But how can you achieve this? If you would like to have a career where you can travel the world for free, here are four jobs that will allow you to do it.

Travel writer

If you have a flair for words, you could get paid to travel to far-flung countries and write about your experiences. The best way to do this is to land a job with a publication like National Geographic or Lonely Planet, but the travel writing industry is enormously competitive. Alternatively, you could set up your own blog and work for yourself, but it is more difficult to earn money this way.

Delivery driver

The United States is so large, you don’t even need to travel overseas to explore the world. You’ve seen truck drivers traveling up and down the country, spending their days on lonely country roads with gorgeous scenery rushing past. As a freelance driver, you can find shipping bids and delivery jobs that will take you to some of the most remote, beautiful locations in Northern America.

Au pair

If you love kids, becoming an au pair is a great way to experience a foreign country. Your main responsibility will be childcare, and you’ll probably need to help with homework and picking children up from school. You will usually be offered free room and board on top of your original salary, and may even be invited to come along on expensive holidays.

Outdoor instructor

What could be better than being paid to hike in the mountains, bike through lush forests, and paddle in the ocean? Well, if you become an outdoor activity instructor, you could do just that. All you need to get started in the industry is a passion for the outdoors and the willingness to learn new skills. You will have the opportunity to work in summer camps and outdoor centers all over the world, helping adventurous children and adults to escape their comfort zones.

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