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Beautifully Simple Ways To Set Your Garden Apart

Most of us would put outside space high on our list of property ‘must-haves.’ Yet, when it comes to owning our first gardens, many of us are surprised by the sheer amount of effort it takes to improve outdoor appeal and keep things looking fresh. As well as mowing the lawn, you may soon find that there are flower beds to turn over, weeds to eliminate, and a whole lot more. 

It can get stressful and, by the time that you’re spending every evening on this pursuit, you may well start wondering whether there’s an easier way. You don’t want to pave over all that wonderful greenery, but nor do you want all this work. Luckily, there are ways to achieve a green, gorgeous garden that barely requires any input from you at all. And, we’re doing to consider them here. 

Take time for trees

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Trees are, easily, the most majestic things that nature has to offer us, and they’re guaranteed to set your yard alight in ways that even the most intricate of flower beds would struggle to replicate. Even better, trees tend to be a whole lot easier to manage, largely fending for themselves, and only really needing attention from a professional tree service (still leaving you off the hook!) every few years. It’s difficult to imagine anything easier and more stunning to look at. And, you can guarantee that this addition alone will take your outside space to entirely new heights, both literally and figuratively.

Make way for water features

If you want to simplify without getting rid of that natural finish, why not incorporate a water feature of some kind into the greenery you’ve already got? After installation, additions like water features or ponds are surprisingly low maintenance. There certainly won’t be any digging on your hands and knees, as long as you make sure to clear pond weeds as they appear (should only take a few seconds,) and fill up that water level as soon as it looks like it’s dropping (again, shouldn’t take you long at all!)

Get that wild meadow finish

Wild meadows are coming into style in a major way and, given how amazing they can look, they’re definitely a viable garden design option. Even better, success here quite literally relies on your lack of action. In fact, experts advise simply mowing your lawn once in the autumn and once in the spring, and then leaving it to do its thing in the interim. It’s difficult to imagine an easier garden to manage, yet you can bet that when wildflowers start to sprout and the bees start to arrive as a result of them, your garden will look like a veritable feast of life and all things lovely. 

Honestly, we feel your pain where gardening is concerned but, as you can see here, this needn’t be a labor-intensive task. All you need is a little knowledge, a handful of inspiration, and the ability to sit back and let nature do its thing.

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