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3 Best Holidays To Take On A Motorcycle

The road trip has become a hugely popular form of holiday in recent years as people seek to get away from the standard package holiday. Unlike the latter, with its strict itinerary and lack of real choice, taking to the open road allows you to choose where to stay, where to eat, and what to see. 

Now, while most road trips are taken in cars – as you would expect – there are more ways of enjoying one: an RV lets you stay wherever you fancy (within reason); a bicycle will give you a real workout and a certain serenity; but one of the most enjoyable ways, and the one we’ll look at today, is something a little more classic – the motorcycle road trip. Below, we’ll look at some of the best destinations for a two-wheeled holiday.

California and Route 66, USA

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In many ways, America with its miles of straight, open roads is the home of the road trip – and, not coincidentally, some of the most reliable motorcycle accident attorneys, and this is one of the classics. Start out in Los Angeles, and you can take Route 66 to Arizona where you will find the Grand Canyon, one of America’s greatest tourist destinations. Heading North from there, you’ll go through Utah and its three legendary national parks – Natural Bridges, Bryce and Zion. Your trip back West will take you through Death Valley and the Mojave Desert, before ending up in San Francisco, its cool sea breezes and temperate climate a splendid comparison with the more frenetic LA.

Fjordland, Norway

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This is a biking trip, but in the interests of full disclosure there are a couple of ferries to take during the enjoyable 280-mile (465km) voyage from Bergen in the Southwest of Norway to Andalsnes further north. The first ferry leaves from Gudvangern, and takes you through the longest and deepest fjord in all of the world, Sognefjord. On the other side, you’ll climb through the Gaularfjell mountains until you reach Eidsdal, where the second ferry picks you up and takes you to the magical winding road the Norwegians call Trollstigen. Packed with hills, dips and thrilling hairpin bends, this scenic motorcycle trip is utterly idyllic.

Transfagarasan, Romania

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It might sound like bias to pick a Romanian destination in this rundown, but you won’t think that if you get just a moment to enjoy the incredible vistas of the Transfagarasan Highway. Although there are some sights worth seeing along the route – Poenari Castle is one, and the ethereal beauty of Balea lake another – in this case, it really is the road that is the star. Considered by some motorists to be the finest road in the world, Transfagarasan is filled with tight chicanes and winding passages that are just downright exhilarating to ride.

Taking a trip on a motorbike offers you the chance to see some of the finest sights in the world from a unique perspective. It’s something that everyone should have the chance to experience at least once in a lifetime!

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