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A Mum’s Guide to Make Returning to Work Easier

Whether you are coming towards the end of your maternity leave or you have taken a career break while your kids are small, there is no doubt returning to the workplace can be a daunting prospect. Making the change from spending days at home with your little ones to getting back into the world of work can feel like a significant change to make. If you are wondering how you will manage to make a return to work and juggle employment with motherhood, then these tips should help make the transition a little easier:

Choose Childcare

Thinking about your childcare options in advance is the best way to prevent any added stress when your return date for work gets closer. Giving yourself time to make informed childcare choices should give you greater peace of mind about the decisions you are currently making and help you select an option that best suits you and your child. 

Carrying out research to find the best childcare, such as nurseries in nottingham and looking at their OFSTED rating and facilities, is an excellent way to get a head start on finding the most suitable childcare. 

Start Slowly

If you are able to, you may find it easier to ease back into being at work. If your company allows you to return for just a couple of days instead of going back full-time straight away, this may help to make the transition less of a shock for you and your little one. Starting slow can be an effective way to help you both ease yourselves into a new routine and adapt to the changes more quickly.

Get as Organised as Possible

As every parent knows, it is impossible to plan everything in advance when you have young kids as life can be unpredictable. But, you may find it helpful to try and get as organised as you can to relieve some of the pressure on yourself on the days you are at work. Even simple things such as laying out the clothes you and your child will wear the following day each evening and ensuring their bag is packed and ready to go can make hectic mornings run a lot more smoothly. When your morning gets off to a stressful start, it can put your entire day out of sync. So, making your life as easy as possible by being organised and planning ahead should help to alleviate some of the morning panic when you are trying to get ready and out the door fast.

Stay Calm

Returning to work can bring mixed emotions, which is an entirely normal way to feel. You may feel sad to be apart from your little one and exhausted from trying to manage both motherhood and working. No matter how you feel, it is crucial that you are kind to yourself and take time for yourself to de-stress. Finding ways to manage your stress effectively and stay calm is an excellent way to keep more balance in your life. 

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