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How To Make A Great First Impression With Your Office

If you believe everything you read these days, it seems like the whole world is working from home. Despite the rise in remote working, the workplace is still a thing and can have a huge effect on potential customers who visit your premises. 

Whether you’re in a luxury high-rise office or a modest business unit, you’re going to want to make the best impression you can. 

Ensure Your Signage Is Visible 

People arriving at your premises need to know they’re in the right place, especially if you are somewhere with many other businesses around you. Missing or damaged signage not only looks unprofessional but can mean that your guests arrive late and annoyed, which isn’t a great start. 

Make The Most Of The Exterior Of Your Property

You might have an entire building or simply front entrance doors at the exterior of your property, but you want to make an effort to keep them in good condition. Make sure that all of the windows, doors and frames are in good repair and clean. Keep the outside of the building free from rubbish, leaves and debris too. All door systems and lighting should be working. 

Make The Waiting Area Comfortable

If you have a reception or waiting area, make this clean and comfortable for somebody to wait in. Have refreshments on hand, either on display, or make it a policy to offer as soon as someone is shown into the space. Have some company brochures or reports in easy reach and display and awards that you have won. This is a great way to expose potential new hires and customers to good PR for your company. They are a captive audience, so take advantage of this. 

Keep The Office Behind Closed Doors

Any waiting areas should be in a quiet space, away from the rest of the workspace if possible. This means that potential clients don’t overhear something they shouldn’t, and if one of your employees is being less than professional, even for a moment, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression on someone. 

Yes, it is sometimes nice for potential clients to see the inner workings of the office, but it’s also unfair to the employees working there that they might be watched at any time, 

If you have a receptionist, always ensure that they are professional at all times, especially when people are in the waiting room. 

Give Them A Warm Welcome

Guests should be acknowledged as soon as they arrive, even if the person at reception is currently busy on the phone or talking to someone else. Deal with visitors in a friendly and professional manner from the moment they arrive. 


Even though you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover, people will always find it difficult to shake a bad first impression. When it comes to making your offices inviting, you don’t have to have the most modern or premises and a huge interior design budget, but you can still take pride in the appearance of your workplace and treat all visitors with professionalism and kindness.

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