3 Healthy Habits That Will Transform How You Feel Everyday

Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? Or have you been looking for a new morning routine to brighten up your day and give you the spring in your step you need? Feeling cloudy and rotten in the morning is a problem many people have, but the problem comes in when you need to identify why you’re feeling the way you do and then do something about it. Luckily, there are a few tried and tested methods you can utilise that are sure to give you the burst of energy you require and triumph over your day like a boss. That said, here are three healthy habits that will transform how you feel every day.

Wake up early

Whether you’re working from home and can spare an extra hour you would’ve spent commuting to work each day, or even if you’re a stay at home mom that works on her own schedule, waking up early is crucial to feel on top of the day ahead. Not only does it give you more time to compose yourself and do everything you need to do to get ready for the day, but you’ll have a headstart you wouldn’t usually have if you were only to get up at 10 am. Also, waking up early in the morning uplifts one’s mindset and makes you feel like you can take on anything the day throws at you; your attitude is vital!

Drink lots of fluids

Whether you like drinking tea, coffee, or just plain water, making sure you consume lots of fluids is of utmost importance to stay energised throughout the day. Dehydration plays a much more significant role in how you feel than just constantly being thirsty – it can actually make you feel more light-hearted, disorientated and even cause you to have regular headaches if not treated properly. If you’re a caffeine lover, spending an extra few bucks on good coffee is totally worth it. To learn more about different coffee machines and what would be best for you, try researching different brands to find a great fit. With regards to water, only about twenty-two per cent of adults reported they drank eight cups of water per day, which is the recommended amount.


You may be sighing after reading this because exercise is always on the list of healthy habits a person should sustain. But, the truth is, exercise doesn’t have to consist of doing intense workouts that make you feel like you’re half-dead by the time you’re finished. Exercise comes in various forms, and you just need to find the type that fits your lifestyle and personality best. You can also try yoga, which has many health benefits, or pilates, or maybe even swimming – the list is endless, but the facts are clear. Exercise allows more blood into your veins, energises your mind to be sharper during the day, and also improves your sleeping habits if you’re struggling to relax at night.

By making the above three habits part of your daily routine, you’ll be feeling like a superstar in no time. In fact, you may even think to yourself that you haven’t felt this good in ages, maybe decades!

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