3 Tips for a Tidy Bedroom

3 Tips for a Tidy Bedroom

Keeping your child’s bedroom tidy, in a manner that you feel happy with, can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. Many children enjoy being able to play with their favourite toys in their bedroom, but tend to not want to participate in the clean-up at the end of the day. By finding some good ways to maximise the space you have available, and create some good habits in your child, you can make it easier for them to keep their bedroom clean and tidy.

Bed Space

The bed may serve a purpose in your child’s bedroom, but it also takes up a fair amount of space. You could instead consider switching out your child’s existing frame for one that may have even more of a use. Considering a midsleeper for kids bedroom space can allow them that much-needed good night’s sleep, but also come with an array of storage designs. These can help to keep their clothes organised, or even be used as room for toys. Opting for a cheaper, non-storage frame may also give you the benefit of being able to keep toy boxes under the bed itself. This will allow your child to still play with their items, and have more space to do so, while making it clear that there are ample storage facilities within easy reach.


The chores and tasks that your child undertakes within their home may need to be altered depending on their age, as certain jobs may be too complex or dangerous for younger children. From an early age, children can be taught that, once they have finished with one toy, it should be put away prior to getting another one out. Starting this off sooner can help it to become ingrained as a habit, making tidying easier as the child grows. If your child is already out of the toddler stage, they can still learn these good household habits. You may want to consider implementing some form of reward, such as tech time, or even pocket money, to help motivate them to keep their personal space clean. 

Minimalist Living

One other way to help your child to keep their bedroom tidy is to take a more minimalist approach to living. This doesn’t mean you need to force them to get rid of all of their beloved items, but instead to reconsider the things they do keep. Any clothes that are too small, damaged, or simply unloved, as well as toys that your child has outgrown or lost interest in, may have better use elsewhere, either recycled, sold, or even donated to charity. Theoretically, the less clutter in your child’s bedroom, the easier it can be to pick up mess, dust, and move about in general.

Considering ways to keep your child’s bedroom tidy doesn’t need to involve picking up after them, as this won’t teach them the importance of cleanliness, or independence for the future. Instead, try to use ways that will help to motivate them, and make their job easier.

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