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Important Measures To Stick To For Better SEO

Some companies invest a lot of money in Google Ads, but they can only improve their ranking for a short time. How do Google Ads work? Which measures are suitable to briefly end up in the top places? What do you have to do to rank high in the long term? What’s the difference between SEO and SEA?If you enter a search term, three to four paid Google Ads will appear in the first place on the search results page. Only below do the organic, unpaid hits follow. The paid search results are called SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Google Ads are suitable when the ranking needs to be improved for a short time. This is the case when new companies or new products are to reach many users in a short period of time.Those who want to rank high in the long term focus on SEO. You can look at a company to assist. You should read more about this and find an SEO company with results you need.

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Search engine optimization affects the organic, unpaid search results that appear below the paid ads. In order for your website to rank better in the organic search results, it must be made search engine friendly. A good organic ranking, in turn, has a positive effect on paid ranking. That means the basis of your business success on the net is the onpage optimization. Paid Google Ads only have a better effect at lower prices if they have a high organic ranking. The effective optimization of a website requires expert knowledge and takes a lot of time. As a first guide, we would like to introduce you to a couple of important points. These should help you in your SEO quest. 

SSL /TSL: Build Trust

Search engine optimization includes responsible handling of users’ personal data. Encryption using SSL has been standard for several years, but there are still a few websites that do not have SSL encryption. “The connection to this website is not secure” – here the visitor will neither subscribe to a newsletter nor leave his credit card number. The search engines are no different: HTTPS has officially been a ranking factor for Google since 2014. According to Article 4 No. 1 of the GDPR, even cookies are considered personal data, which must be protected from unauthorized access. Identification features such as the IP address can be assigned to the user through cookie data. That’s the scientific bit, but at least now you know!

Shorten loading times: Become faster than the competition

Nobody likes to wait long. We are particularly impatient when navigating the Internet. The loading time of a page is also an important criterion for search engines, if not the most important criterion in fact. So make sure you pay attention to this. You should pay attention to the mobile version of your website! Search engines do not assign separate indices for desktop and mobile views. Only the mobile side is relevant. Long loading times penalize the desktop side at the same time. Three factors are decisive: transferring less data, avoiding unnecessary HTTP requests and arranging the resources in the correct order. This way, you can make your viewers much happier and improve your SEO.

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