6 Luxury Features to Glam Up Your Next Decorating Project

6 Luxury Features to Glam Up Your Next Decorating Project

Decorating is heaven for some and hell for others. But however you feel about it, you have to admit, there’s nothing quite like a completed DIY project finished to perfection. But why do it like everyone else? Should you have some spare cash leftover from your budget, you might consider installing a little luxury in your home.

Indoor Water Feature

There’s nothing quite like bringing the outside inside. To feel a little closer to nature, you might have plants galore all over your home. But water is another essential element for rest and relaxation. Fountains and water features are traditionally associated with the outdoors, but bringing them inside takes a room to another level. Waterfalls are impressive in any room but will transform a standard bathroom into a virtual oasis.

Luxury Light Fittings

Along with controlling the lights with a smart device, you might want to carefully consider the light fittings. Most DIY and home design stores offer stunning light fixtures and lamps, but these are usually made from plastic or standard glass. However, there are Murano Chandeliers for sale from specialist stockists that supply beautifully crafted glass fixtures in traditional styles, unusual shapes in various stunning colours.

Smart App Mood Lighting

Smart technology is changing the way we approach interior design. No longer is the inclusion of modern gadgets a choice, but it is fast becoming an additional design consideration. That’s because smart technology for the home with devices like your smartphone, tablet and hub can control almost every aspect of your home. For example, using apps and voice control over your Wi-Fi connection, you can play music, dim the lights and turn on the heating.

TV in Bed

With the advent and proliferation of streaming platforms like Netflix and a decrease in HDTV prices, more people than ever watch TV in bed. Binge-watching is now a popular pastime. And spending time in your luxury bedroom on a rainy day with your favourite shows could be just the relaxing time off you need. While you might buy a stand or place a TV on the wall, if you really want to glam up your bedroom, you can purchase a bed frame with an in-built, retractable TV. 

Fitted Wardrobe

A truly stylish addition to any bedroom and one that will save you tons of space is the fitted wardrobe. Combined with a newly-decorated room and/or one with a top-quality finish, fitted wardrobes will transform your bedroom into a stylish and contemporary haven, just by adding some great looking doors and shelving. Seriously, it’s incredible how much better a room looks with a made to measure fitted system.

Wood and Wool

With all of today’s modern design techniques taking advantage of contemporary materials, it’s easy to forget about the natural. Two of the best are wood and wool, and both are interchangable. For example, you can install stylish wooden flooring and accents with a shaggy rug. Or you can fit a shag carpet and accent it with duckboards around your bed. Natural materials are among the best you can use in your home as they are always warm. However, if you are concerned about sustainability, then source used, reclaimed or recycled materials.

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