Mixing Furniture Styles Without Causing A Clash

Do you like the way your furniture blends together? Or is it time for a change? Maybe you’ve just renovated and want to decorate in a fresh and fun way, or maybe you hate the minimalist and contemporary! Either way, you can mix and match the furniture in your home to better suit your personal tastes, and it doesn’t have to be hard to do either. 

Even if you’re afraid of having a messy looking space that clashes in every corner, you can find a way to strike the perfect balance between what looks good and what feels good. And here are a few tips for doing just that! 

Prevent One Style From Being Too Heavy

If you want to mix and match furniture without causing a clash, or feeling like your room doesn’t have a cohesive layout to it, be sure to feature all types of furniture equally. You don’t want one style to be more heavy than the other, and you want a balanced look to ensure harmony in your interior design. 

Don’t let that Scandinavian dining table set sit interrupted, especially if you’ve got Minimalist furnishings around it too. Create a more dynamic setup by adding in some Mid-Century items, or add in those Shabby Chic cushions and rug for a more interesting scene in front of you. 

Create a Vintage Border

It’s a good idea to put the older, more traditional looking items round the edge of the room and then fill in the gaps with the more contemporary, up to date furniture you have. So dig out any old furniture that’s currently in storage and display it round the border of your room. 

Maybe that Grandfather Clock your Nan left you would be a good fit? Sure, it can take some time when it comes to understanding your antique clock, but as long as it’s there in the background, you can make both Grandma proud and have a lovely statement piece on show! 

Scale Inwards

Scale is a very big deal when it comes to room design! You want your biggest items to line the room, like in the border idea above, but if it’s a small piece (such as an old vase), put it in the middle with the contemporary items you own. So, that Grandfather Clock we were talking about before? Line it up around the outside of the room with the bigger items like your bookshelves. 

Then, head into the inner circle with the smaller (yet still wide and weighted) sofas and armchairs, and then put smaller footstools or a coffee table in the middle. And why does this work best? Well, as long as the scale makes sense in this kind of way, it won’t matter the design or style!

If you want to mix your furniture, do so responsibly, in a way that both looks good and functions well to you. You’re living in the home, after all, so it only ever matters what you like!

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