8 Steps To A Better & More Attractive Home

You may like the overall footprint of your home and where you live currently. However, you might also come to realise that your property could use some updates and attention.

Instead of a complete remodel, be glad to know there are some steps you can take to create a better and more attractive home. It’ll require some time, money, and energy on your part but it’ll all be worth it in the end when you see how these changes truly improve your home and make it more modern and functional.

1. Rip Out Old Carpet

Old carpet that’s stained and dingy will bring down the look of your property. One step to a better and more attractive home is to get rid of and replace old carpet with new and updated flooring options. New floors such as installing luxury vinyl flooring will enhance the look and feel of your home and your spaces will feel more contemporary. You may not only want to consider doing so in areas that currently have carpet but also in other rooms such as your bathroom or kitchen. This type of flooring not only looks beautiful and is what homeowners want but it’s durable and easy to clean too.

2. Window Treatments

Dress up and clean your windows as a way to create a better and more attractive home. Your windows are an opportunity to lighten and brighten up your spaces and make them more elegant and stylish. If you choose to hang curtains be sure to hang them high so your rooms look more expensive and your ceilings appear higher. Window treatments will enhance each room in your home and provide you with the privacy you need to feel safe and comfortable in your property at night. You can then draw them back and let in as much daylight as possible once morning arrives.

3. Kerb Appeal

You also should pay attention to the exterior of your home when trying to make it better and more attractive. Focus on kerb appeal and making changes and updates that have your home standing out for all the right reasons. There are many ways to do so including new shutters, power washing your siding, replacing an old mailbox, and installing a new garage door and roof. Also, take care of your landscaping by trimming your trees and bushes and planting colorful plants, flowers, and adding some trees. It’s important that you upkeep your property and that you can make a good first impression on passersby.

4. Fresh Paint & Décor

Revive the interior of your home by applying fresh paint and putting out some new décor. Make your home better and more attractive by choosing paint colors that brighten and lighten up your spaces. If you prefer a dramatic look then consider darker paint hues in areas such as a dining room or small bathroom. Choose decor items that are stylish, elegant, and meaningful to you. You can add a pop of colour with artwork, plants, and pillows. However, only display what you love and go for a minimalist approach so your home is modern looking and has clean lines.

5. Update the Kitchen

One of the most essential rooms in your home is the kitchen. It’s where you spend time cooking and where you entertain and converse with visitors and guests. You not only want it to look more beautiful but also be more functional so it’s easy to get around in and prepare meals. Think about installing a large island for food prep and adding extra storage and seating. Also, replace old lighting and appliances to improve the area. Decorate and get organised so your kitchen equipment and accessories are easy to find. Keep in mind that any improvements you do to your kitchen will also add value to your home.

6. Decorate the Entryway

Your entryway is what people see and experience first when walking into your home. Another step to a better and more attractive property is to update the entryway. Take the time to decorate it by installing a new light fixture that acts as a focal point, adding small pieces of furniture, a mirror, and fresh flowers. Not only enhance and update the inside but the outside as well. Include hanging and potted plants, a small outdoor rug, and consider painting your front door a color that looks beautiful and pops.

7. Make Repairs & Finish Projects

If you want to have a better and more attractive home then you must keep it looking nice inside and out. You can do so by making repairs and finishing projects. Avoid leaving fixes and updates you start for another day. You want your home to look complete and be a pleasant place to live and be each day. Your house will not only look better when you keep up with repairs and complete the projects you start, but it’ll also be a safer place to live. If you begin a DIY project and aren’t quite sure how to proceed then consider hiring a handyman to come in and finish it for you. The last situation you want is loose wires or projects that are half done throughout your home.

8. Clean & Declutter

Take the step to improve your home by cleaning and decluttering regularly. Get on a cleaning schedule that’s practical and you can keep up with weekly. Once in a while perform a deep clean and tackle the areas you often ignore or put off. Also, get rid of old belongings that you don’t use and are just taking up space. Unpack old boxes and go through your closets and purge the belongings that you don’t need. Part ways with old and outdated items so that you can clear out your home and spaces and only display and hang onto what you love. Get organised so that your home is not only nicer to look at and live in but also so that you can reduce your stress and find what it is you need quickly and efficiently. 

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