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Signs Your Kitchen Needs An Upgrade

According to Statista, kitchen upgrades make up 34% of all UK home renovations. It is the second most popular upgrade among residents in the country and comes immediately after bathroom remodelling. It is pretty common to see some old kitchens dotted with cracked countertops, damaged cabinets, missing floor tiles, etc. All these contribute to giving your kitchen an old, tired, unappealing and dirty look. Therefore, if you plan on upgrading your kitchen but think it’s not yet time, perhaps these signs will motivate you to go ahead with it. Hopefully, these points will be helpful to you.

Terrible kitchen layout

Sometimes, the difference between a modern and a retro kitchen is the layout. In architectural terms, the kitchen layout refers to the shape you have after your storage areas, countertops, and major appliances are fitted in that space. The form or arrangement of your kitchen must create a workable cohesion as you move around in this part of the home. However, when you struggle when working in your kitchen, it is a telltale sign to upgrade it.

A well-thought-out layout does not necessarily mean increased square footage. Although more extensive square footage makes a difference, poor planning can result in a terrible design. According to, a poor kitchen layout in the UK has the oven and refrigerator close to each other. Most kitchen designers recommend leaving a safety distance of 20 inches (50cm) between the fridge and the oven. 

Countertop clutter

Take a look around your kitchen to see how your countertop looks. Does it look cluttered? A likely reason is the lack of storage space in the kitchen. If this is your kitchen, it’s time for an upgrade. The ideal kitchen countertop must have substantial space for prepping your meals. Therefore, when you find yourself using your unlit stovetop for meal prepping, it means your countertop isn’t living up to its role.

Admittedly, some people desire to make maximum use of their kitchen countertop space. Unfortunately, they end up with littered surfaces, which make the entire kitchen appear cluttered and unappealing. Experts say a well-spaced countertop gives any kitchen an airy and easily accessible appearance. If your kitchen designer sees it needful to create an island or peninsula to add extra counter space, you have the option to add bar stools for an enhanced appeal.

This is not to say that you can’t have certain items on your countertops though, because of course you can. Things like a branded pick and mix dispenser is a wonderful addition to your kitchen, and shouldn’t take up too much room for meal prep space. More space is always going to be the best option though!

Little or no storage space

Signs Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

There comes a time when everything in your kitchen seems complicated to find unless you rummage through a pile of utensils and kitchen tools. At this point, you don’t need anyone telling you that your kitchen needs a crucial upgrade. According to a 2019 UK kitchen survey, it was discovered that a third of kitchens in the country lack storage space. This, therefore, makes it a country-wide problem. Fortunately, you have the option to upgrade your kitchen to create that much-needed space.


Admittedly, it can cost quite a fortune to follow through with a complete kitchen upgrade. If you have the financial muscle for it, get it done. However, if you live on a budget, you should consider doing the changes in bits until you achieve your desired kitchen appeal.

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