Tips To Improve Your Eye Health When Working From Home

Spending more time at home might mean that you are impacting your eye health. You likely spend more time on screens simply due to being able to transition from your work laptop to your television in a matter of five seconds. We have more access to technology and switch from screen to screen when working from home and spending most of our time there. Therefore, most of us might be damaging our eye health. 


On that note, here are the best tips for improving your eye health when working from home.

Tips To Improve Your Eye Health When Working From Home

Wear blue light glasses

Being on screens a lot means that we are straining our eyes, which can impact our vision and often cause tension headaches. To avoid this, you can wear blue light glasses, which will limit the amount of blue light (the damaging light) that our eyes receive. You will still be able to see the same yet you will be able to avoid the harsh light rays. 


You can also wear these as prescription glasses. You simply need to ask your optician to add blue light technology to your current glasses. 


A Roundup of the best blue light glasses will help you decide the best glasses for your eye health needs as well as your style preferences. Wearing blue light glasses is a simple habit for a healthier life in order to protect your eyes from strain. 

Sun your eyes frequently

It is important to receive natural light when working from home as staring at screens all day can seriously damage your eyes. 


From time to time, remember to get up from your desk or simply turn your head to the window to receive natural sunlight. This will adjust your eyes and prevent damage. It is recommended to get the sun to your eyes for around three minutes at a time to relieve eye strain.

Use a standing desk

As much as standing desks can help our physicality and posture, they can also help our eye health too. Being too close to a screen is bound to cause eye strain. Whereas if you can sit or stand a little further away, then you will less likely damage your eyes. 


Tilting the screen back will encourage you to keep a good distance away from the screen, which will deter eye strain.

Sit next to a well-lit window

Sitting in front of a computer in a dark or dingy room will damage your eye health more so than sitting in natural light. 


Therefore, it is a great idea to sit next to a window when working so that you can receive natural light and avoid serious eye strain. Have the light facing you or the screen if possible for the best protection and natural light. 


Use this guide to help improve your eye health when working from home. Simply wearing blue light protection and sitting in better lit rooms will help you avoid serious eye strain, which can significantly impact your eye health. 

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