Making Money or Advancing Your Career on the Web

Making Money or Advancing Your Career on the Web

There’s more to the internet than shopping and social media. Since the invention of the web, millions of talented people have found creative uses for making money. Scams and hacking aside, there are many ways you can monetize your talents as a supplemental income. In addition, advancing your career on the web is now a possibility with remote technology.

Online Teaching

Video conferencing usage significantly increased in 2020, 2021, and into 2022. Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams let you communicate with people live. They’re free, and you can use them on any device. During restrictions, online tuition is one of the areas that benefits greatly. Using remote technologies, you can do stuff like maths and English tutoring. All you need is a laptop or PC, a webcam, microphone, and suitable software. Today, the Omicron variant looms, but online classes still exist at many colleges and universities as part of their Covid-safety plans.

Content Writing

Maybe you like typing and want to become a writer. On the internet, you can find tons of freelance writing jobs. You can get paid to write fanfiction, copyright, edit articles, ghostwrite, or deliver SEO-based web content. Of course, online freelance writing pays differently depending on the sector. Still, if you find the right provider, you can make a living at it if you take it seriously. Of course, a good understanding of at least one language is required. However, you aren’t expected to write as coherently as a New York Times journalist or prolifically as Stephen King.

Content Management

Creating a site with WordPress or another similar platform will give you valuable experience in content management. Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress and Squarespace handle the content on your site. Creating, managing, and uploading website content are known as back-end operations. These include creating blog posts and pages, editing or creating the content, and handling digital images. Fortunately, there’s tons of available CMS work if you are qualified. And it can quickly be done remotely since it’s an online job anyway.

Other Freelance Work

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by freelancing. It’s crazy how many businesses are looking for writers to write for their sites and blogs. Content on the web is usually press releases, blog articles, and sales copy. There are also sites like Fiverr where you can advertise yourself. Building a solid reputation through good work is how you can make a living here. These freelance sites are full of accountants, copywriters, and programmers. You can develop a reputation and work your way to making good money online.

Web Design and Development

The popularity of platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy makes it easy for anyone to set up a website. Still, these tools are only as good as the user’s skills and experience in web development. Typical web design services include designing websites, but expertise covers various topics related to CMS and site development. Further, you can make money with web art like logo development and branding. Over time, you can master advanced web development skills like SEO, site maintenance, and multimedia content.

Video Games

Gaming professionals aren’t anything new, but there’s more accessibility than ever. Professional gaming is becoming more popular and genuinely recognized. Until recently, it mainly was MOBA games that pros played. These days, other online games like Fortnite make it more accessible to play professional gaming. Because of this, you don’t have to be a pro gamer to make money. Companies like Epic Games hold huge events where million-dollar prizes are given away. Also, live streaming games on sites like Twitch can make you a bunch of money.

Remote Assistance

Remote virtual assistance lets you assist businesses with secretarial and administrative tasks. It isn’t possible to perform many office tasks such as filing and paperwork remotely since you aren’t physically present. However, you can help with digital document planning, scheduling, and preparing reports. A virtual assistant might also answer the phone using calling software usually supplied by a work source. However, there are a lot of free apps like Google Docs you can use to save a little money since most virtual assistants are self-employed.

Tech Support

You may be able to provide remote IT support via a third-party client if your skills are more technical. You can help with everything from bugged email clients to OS boot issues to cloud computing and data recovery. It’s generally necessary to have a PC with an internet connection that’s fast and reliable to run a virtual system. Your employer probably provides VMware, but you’ll have to know how to configure and use virtual operating systems and hardware.

Online Data Entry

A remote job that has been around for a while is data entry. That job typically involves accurate data input with strict deadlines. If you can type well, this could be your dream job. Training is provided, so you don’t need any experience. When you apply for a data entry job, you’ll probably be tested on your typing speed. Data entry jobs require fast and accurate typing, so only apply if you feel you meet the criteria. However, you can improve your typing skills with free online apps like Typing Tutor.

Renting Services and Goods

You can rent out your properties through sites like Airbnb and Loftium Rentals. You don’t have to do much work when listing with them. However, real estate isn’t for everyone, but you can make a career out of it. Likewise, developing rental services isn’t for everyone, and it can be a blend of art and science to get it right. But it’s not just property since you can rent just about anything out. Everything from cars and power tools to painting and decorating services. You can even do a lot of this over Facebook groups if you don’t have a site or don’t want to pay listing fees.

In Summary

The internet is an excellent tool for making money or taking your career in another direction. Remote work is nothing new, but it has found a new place among many people struggling to make ends meet. Additionally, you can find excellent money-making resources to supplement lost income throughout the Covid-19 pandemic because of reduced hours or job loss.

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