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Stylish Tips For Displaying Your Children’s Art!

If there is one thing that kids love to do, it’s arts and crafts. To be able to sit and create something is exciting, but as a parent, you will create memories by keeping hold of the artwork your children create. This isn’t always easy, however, as you’ll eventually run out of room if you try to keep every single piece of art they ever create. You need to be able to store it in a way that makes sense, but you also want to display some of it in the house. 

From using pin boards from The Board Store to having a wall of the lounge dedicated to artwork, you can make your home stand out with the stylish tips for displaying your children’s art below. Let’s take a closer look!

  1. Cork and noticeboards. This is the easiest way to display your children’s artwork and it can be a good fit for most budgets, too. Extra large boards will help to protect your walls and ensure that you are able to keep your drawings and pictures in one place that’s easy to see.
  2. Open frames. These are an awesome way to display your children’s artwork. Because they are open, it’s easy to see all of the artwork and you can ensure that you buy more than one style of open frame, too, so whatever the piece of art, you can ensure that you display it well. 
  3. Clipboards. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s something that will ensure that you can display more than one piece of art at once. You can hang them in the kitchen and add the latest pieces of art to individual clipboards for each child. This will help you to ensure that you are keeping on top of all of the art that your children are creating for you.
  4. Plastic pockets. These are usually a pain but if you have a lot of A4-sized paper, you can use a folder or wallet packed with plastic pockets and these can create a booklet of the artwork your children create. You see, this is a good way to keep these as when they get full up, you can pack them away and start another one! One day you’ll have a box filled with packed folders of art as they get older.
  5. Pegs. Cheap clothing line strung along the walls of the house is a good place to peg artwork and see it all day long. You can box up the art when your children bring more home and you can keep the pegs filled with the latest and greatest pieces.

All of these tips are the stylish ways that you can display your children’s artwork. You can have options that work for each child and these will keep you busy with beautiful pictures that your children can make for you. Keep the memories and you will always have something beautiful to look back on one day.

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