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Why DIY Is Good For You

If there’s one thing that most people started during lockdown, it’s DIY. There’s a chance you wouldn’t have appreciated how good DIY is for the soul until you were in lockdown, but it’s understandable. We are living such a digitally driven life, that one thing we do less of is work with our hands. Whether that is baking, reading, building – we are doing more things with screens now than we have ever done before. Sometimes, you need to step back out of the immersive world we are in, and go back to basics.

Whether you shop online for Scrooz fasteners and hammers, or you start reading and researching how to rebuild your car from the ground up, DIY could be the best thing that you do for yourself in the race in the next few months. DIY at home can actually relieve your stress in the workplace and outside the house, and it can do so well in reducing your anxiety. There is a constant need and expectation to be connected to technology. But you can dispel that when you start looking at DIY as something you’re passionate about. Here are some of the best reasons that DIY is good for you.

Why DIY is good for you
  • You get time away from technology. Spending your day staring at a screen at work and then coming home and scrolling through your phone, that’s not living. Getting stuck into working with your hands? That’s a good way to remember that this world around you exists and it’s not all just digital. Sometimes, we just have to unplug and enjoy the world as it was handed to you.
  • It is so satisfying. Even if all you’ve ever done in terms of DIY is building units from IKEA, there is the most satisfying feeling once you’ve managed to build something with your bare hands. It feels like you’re achieving something in the work, because you can feel the raw feeling in your hands of having to screw with screwdrivers or hit with hammers, it can feel like you’ve worked your body and your mind at the same time.
  • It’s a great way to discover a new hobby. Until you start building furniture, how do you know that you’re not good at it? If you’re in the mood to discover a brand-new hobby, get stuck into a new project and create something. You might find that finally finishing
    • the living room and putting up the last of those frames gives you that feeling of contentment that you’ve been looking for.
    • You will feel more self-reliant. It’s very easy to call up somebody and ask them to come and finish the job in your home for you, but when you take up DIY, you get that immense feeling of satisfaction knowing that you are more reliant on yourself and you can do it on your own. Sometimes, all you need in life is to know that you can do things for yourself and feel that independence. Doing DIY regularly can help you to feel that yourself.

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