Helpful Tips for People That Want To Become Travel Bloggers

Helpful Tips for People That Want To Become Travel Bloggers

Ever wanted to travel the world and write about it to make a living? Then you might be surprised to find that it’s not actually as common as you might think. The problem with becoming a travel blogger is that it’s extremely time-consuming and the potential return is very low until you’ve established yourself as a well-known blogger. Once you get some traction it’s a little easier to look for sponsorships and deals to grow your income, but until then, it’s going to be a struggle and we advise you to have another main source of income first.

But with that said, you should never give up on your dreams of becoming a travel blogger. It just takes a bit of work and these tips can help you do just that.

You need passion, so start from there

If you’re thinking about becoming a travel blogger because it looks like easy and fun money then stop right there. If you aren’t passionate about travelling then you won’t make it as a travel blogger. You absolutely have to love travelling and you need to be so passionate that you have many things to say about it. If you can’t put the excitement of travelling into words, then it’s going to be a tough career choice for you.

Seek new travel experiences

A lot of people tend to write about the same travel destinations, foods, and cultures. In order to stand out, it’s best to try and find unique experiences instead of following existing trends. Whether it’s trying out a caravan park from places like or going on a travel-focused holiday where you ride every train in the country, there are lots of niche possibilities in the world of travel that you should really consider before you decide to settle on a topic.

Don’t get stuck with technical issues

There are plenty of people who find that there are technical roadblocks to becoming a blogger. They might find it hard to manage their website, sorting out their finances can be troublesome, and they might not have the computer knowledge required to upgrade the features of their website. As such, you want to try and work with someone that is knowledgeable about computers or even spend a few weeks figuring out all of the technical details. The more roadblocks you remove, the more you can focus solely on your travel blog and content creation.

Mix in different kinds of media

While blogging alone is a great way to create content, you should also consider other forms of media like video and podcasts. Videos are a good option because they allow you to show off the beautiful sights and sounds that you encounter, and podcasts are a relatively niche option that might appeal to busy audiences that tend to have less time to read and watch videos. The more content styles you mix and match, the more content you’ll have to show your audience and grow your following.

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