Chic and Simple Additions for a Sophisticated Home

You would consider yourself to be a very house proud person, especially when you have friends and family coming over to visit. Whether you’re running a home that is bursting with lively children or your abode is a peaceful space just for you, there are so many ways in which you can create a level of sophistication. When it comes to making a few small home upgrades, you can choose budget-friendly, simple and easy options, so consider some of the ideas below to get you started.

Custom-Made Soft Furnishings

If you want to create a sense of elegance and beauty throughout your home, then it’s important to think about how you can add unique soft furnishings to your decor. You may want to look into beautiful, custom-designed rugs to bring a touch of sophistication to your living room, or bespoke cushion covers to enhance your bedroom set-up. There are so many ornate, unique and stunning styles for you to choose from, so why not explore your options now?

Soothing Scents

When you step into your home it’s important to feel a sense of comfort and belongings, which is where your chosen soothing scent comes into play. Throughout the year you can even change your aroma to suit the season so that the fragrances throughout your household are ever changing and fresh!

Inspiring Images

Whether you’re installing brand new artwork onto your walls or refreshing your family photos, there is something special and sophisticated about the images you choose in your home. Why not organise a professional photoshoot in the coming weeks so that you can get some much-needed new snaps of all of your favourite people?

Calming Colour Palettes

When it comes to choosing the perfect colours for your home, it’s all about neutrals and calming tones this year. Switching out your bold and bright walls for relaxing greys, beiges and perfect pastels is the ideal way to bring a sprinkle of sophistication to your humble abode. Focus on changing one room at a time so that the process doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Redecorating a room is quite a big challenge, so you should make sure you approach things with small steps.

Luxury Lighting

Your choice of lighting can completely change the entire atmosphere in your home. Instead of overpowering and bright LED lights on the ceiling, you may want to switch up your lighting choices for a more sophisticated look. Uplighting, lamps and chandeliers aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so look online for some inspiration. 


As you can see, there are a whole host of ways in which you can transform your home into a super sophisticated environment. Whether you’re looking into custom made soft furnishing, or you’re exploring calming colour palettes to revitalise your space, there are so many exciting and innovative ideas for you to try. Enjoy the process of transforming your home this summer, and make the most of the end results with those you love the most!

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